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Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics


he next time your vet argues with your about your dog's allergic reactions to these drugs, you have these reference articles they can read.For those of you who are familiar with my articles on bone diseases, I have warned breeders/owners against the use of two types of antibiotics which seem to be a problem with this breed. Their allergic reactions mimic the symptoms of HOD, Septicemia or Vaccine response.

I wanted to provide you with names of reference articles regarding reactions to the sulfonamide drugs. I do not have any articles regarding allergic reactions to Keflex (Cefa-Tabs, Cephalexin, C-Tabs) only plenty of personal experience of my own and dealing with other breeders.


It is not at all uncommon for antibiotic sensitivities or reactions to happen days after the dog has been on the drug. In some animals, within 24 hours you will notice something is wrong, with others it may be up to 7-10 days on the therapy before you notice the symptoms of: polyarthritis, lethargy, swelling in joint areas, fever and/or loss of appetite. (all the same symptoms as in the advanced stages of "true" HOD)

Problem Antibiotics for Great Danes (and other breeds)

Sulfonimide Drugs

Ditrim,Tribrissen, SMZ, Trimethoprim and Sulfadiazine, TMZ,TMP/SDZ, Bactrim, Primor

Also, but not related to sulfonamides:

Cephalexin, Keflex (Cefa-Tabs, , C-Tabs)

Course of Action:

If you determine the "HOD like" symptoms are due to an allergic reaction to antibiotics, stop the antibiotic, change to another if you have to and generally the animal is treated with Azium/Dexamethasone for 2-3 days, until the swelling and aches go away. Discuss the course of action with your veterinarian.


Topics in Drug Therapy: Idiosyncratic Reactions to Sulfonamides in Dogs
Author: Alastair E. Cribb. DVM
JAVMA Vol.195, No.11 December 1, 1989
23 other reference articles named in this article. Some of the symptoms discussed are Polyarthritis and Fever, Hepatitis, Cutaneous Eruptions.

Drug-Associated Aplastic Anemia In Dogs
Author: D. Weiss, DVM, PhD and Jeff Klausner DVM, MS
JAVMA Vol 196. Now February 1, 1990
20 other reference articles named in this article.

Sulfadiazine-Induced Allergy in Six Doberman Pinschers
Author: U.Giger DVM, Linda Werner, DVM, N. Millichamp BVM, N Gorman Bvsc, PhD
JAVMA Vol 186, No. 5 March 1, 1985
50 other reference articles named in this article. Notes from summary: Treatment with sulfadiazine-trimethoprim caused serious, but reversible, allergic drug reactions 10-21 days after exposure. NON-SEPTIC POLY- ARTHRITIS was found in all dogs.

Trimethoprim-Sulfonamide-Associated Drug Eruptions in Dogs
Authors: L. Medleau, DVM, MS, K Shanley, DVM, P Rakich DVM, PhD, M. Goldschmidt, MSC, BVMS, MRCVS
Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association May/June 1990 Vol.26
20 other reference articles named in this article.

Aplastic Anemia Associated with Trimethoprim-Sulfadiazine and Fenbendazole Administration in the Dog
D. Weiss DVM Phd, L. Adams, DVM
JAVMA Vol 191. No 9 Nov. 1, 1987
7 other reference articles named in this article

Poly-Arthritis Associated with Sulfadiazine Administration
G. Lees, DVM, MS, K. Rogers, DVM, G. Troy DVM, MS
Dept. of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Southwestern Veterinarian Volume 37 No.1 1986
7 other reference articles named in this article. Quote: "The dogs discomfort, joint swelling and lameness became progressively worse throughout the day. The left hock was ultimately the worst swollen: this distended joint capsule protruded approximately a centimeter both medially and laterally. The dog could not stand without assistance. Dexamethasone was given intravenously and intramuscularly. The dog was noticeably improved by the next morning. Joint swelling was still prominent, but diminished."

Drug-Induced Immune Hypersensitivity Disorders in Two dogs Treated with Trimethoprim Sulfadiazine. (Non Septic PolyArthritis)
Author L. Werner DVM J. Bright DVM, MS
Journal of American Animal Hospital Association Sept/Oct 1983, Vol.19
7 other reference articles named in this article.

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