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Blackwatch Feed Programs -in "Kit" Instructions


First Choice Naturals has now made available several of the The Blackwatch Feed Programs in a "Kit" format at a discount price. Each Kit is designed for one dog and will last approximately: 2 months for Large/Giant breeds, 3 months for Medium Breeds and 4 months for Small Breeds. Length of time a kit lasts depends on the amount used, frequency and number of dogs it's fed. Please discuss the program you are interested in using, with a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about canine nutrition, prior to implementing a program.

These feed program are not to be used in lieu of veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment.The Blackwatch Feed Programs are for individuals who have purchased puppies from Blackwatch and Owlwatch Kennels, and Blackwatch Nutritionals LLC and is not responsible for abuse of misuse of a feed program.

In Preparation For Using A Supplement Kit

Before you purchase one of the supplement kits, please go to the Articles page and do a word search on the specific problem that you are interested in, so you have the background information for that kit. For example, if you have an HOD puppy, find the Feed Program for HOD and read it before purchasing the products and understand why they are needed for your dog and how to use them.

Blackwatch Feed Program Kits

Kit # 1 - MY NEW PUPPY - Stage 1 - (2- 4 months) - All breeds

Kit # 2 - MY NEW PUPPY - Stage 1 - (2 - 4 months) -Breeders Wholesale Kits*

Kit # 3 - MY NEW PUPPY - Stage 2 Growth (4 - 12 months) - All breeds

Kit # 4 - ADULTS - All Lifestyle Program - All breeds

Kit # 5 - HOD - Growth problems Large/giant breed puppies (any breed that matures over 50#)

Kit # 6 - Seizure Support - All ages/sizes

Kit # 7 - Seniors - All Breeds/Sizes

Kit # 8 - My Family Pet - Mixed Breeds - All stages - under 49 lbs

Kit # 9 - Joint Support ~ Arthritis, Dysplasia, Wobblers, OCD, Pano, All Breeds

Kit # 10 -Anxiety Support ~ Anxiety, Nervousness, Hyper -- All Breeds

Kit # 11 - Immune Support/Rescue/Repair - (all breeds)

Kit # 12 - Anti - Bloat Support & Sensitive Digestion - (all breeds

Kit #13 - Daily Care - Ears, Eyes and Oral Teeth Spray (no anesthesia again)

Kit # 14 Delux Daily Care - Ears, Eyes, Oral Teeth Spray, Flea Spray, Joint Treats.

Kit # 15 Allergy Support - (all breeds)

Kit # 16- Reproduction Support (pending)

Kit# 17 Enhancing the RX Prescription Diets (example: Hill's C/D, I/D etc.)

Kit # 18 - Megaesophagus Support (all breeds)

Kit#19- Renal (Kidney) Support (all breeds)

Kit#20 - Basic Wellness Kit (all breeds)

Kit#21 - Cardio/Heart Support - (all breeds)

Kit#22 - Diabetic Support

Kit#23 - Giardia/Diarreha Support

Kit#24 - My Tiny Dog (Puppy/Adult Toy Breeds)

Kit# 25 Ringworm Kit (humans and pets)

Kit#26 - Greyhound Rescue Repair

Kit #27 - Blackwatch CORE 4 - Small Kit

Kit#28 - Blackwatch CORE 4 - Large kit

Kit#37 - Blackwatch CORE 4 - Plus (with 4 in 1 Probiotics)

Kit#38 - Blackwatch Core 4 Optimal (w/whole food vitamin/minerals)

Kit #29 - Basic Wellness for Humans

Kit#30 - Nzymes Yeast Removal Kit - Pets

Kit#31 - Nzymes Yeast Removal Kit - Humans

Kit#32 - Digestive Health - Humans

Kit#33 - Cancer Support

Kit#34 - Skin and Coat Repair

Kit#35 - Age Defense for Men

Kit#36 - Age Defense for Women

* Breeders Wholesale Kits were developed so breeders can purchase Puppy Kits before the puppies go into their new homes. Since the kits will last a couple of months it gets the new puppy owners in the habit of feeding the puppy the way you want it done, as stated in your sales contract. Minimum order is 3 kits.

Important Kit Info:

Each kit is designed for "one" pet with an approximate 2 - 4 months supply of supplements depending on the size of the dog. You can order on line at or call in your order to 765-287-8288 . To purchase Breeders Kits wholesale OR wholesale case prices on supplements, need to call First Choice Naturals directly- as they can not be purchased online.
Your Homework:

As an educator for 34 years, I feel it is important that you know why I use certain supplements and foods for my dogs, if you choose to try the same feeding protocols. Education is the key to developing the "wellness habit" for your pet. That said, you need to take the time to read my feed programs in total, depending on the kit you are purchasing.

You have two options for starting or reordering a kit:
1) you can purchase each supplement individually (info in each feed program) OR
2) you can now get them in a kit format with a discount from FCN.

It is very important to me that YOU know why each of these supplements are in the programs, so PLEASE take the time to print out and read and have on hand for a reference. An instruction sheet will come with each kit purchased from First Choice Naturals. Click on the links below to locate the feed program.

NOTE: In some of the Kits there will be a liquid joint support called Level 5000 Joint Supplement substituted for Liquid Health Level 5000 . This is equal in quality to Liquid Health Level 5000 that is listed in the feed programs. They are both excellent products and have used both in feed trials and they work.

Feeding Instructions - Read Before Using:

If your pet has been on an inferior feeding protocol, stressed, over vaccinated etc. your dog "may" go through detoxification process (cleansing of the toxins) on this program - this means itching, shedding, break outs and loose stools for a couple of weeks.
In some cases this cleansing process can take a couple of weeks. If you have been on a holistic or natural diet detoxing will be minimal, if at all. Please do not stop the program, simply ease off a bit on the Nzymes product, ramping up to the recommended double dose over a period longer time.

I recommend using Precise and Precise Plus foods.

Transition to New Food

Please transition your dog from the current food to the new food in this manner.

Adults - All Breeds 2 -5 days
Puppies - small - All breeds 3 days
Puppies - medium - All breeds 3 days
Puppies - Large/Giant breeds over 6 months 2 days
Puppies - Large/Giant under 6 months 3 meals*

*so as not to disrupt the growth cycle and throw them into a HOD.Transition pet to a new diet using the 4 in 1 Probiotic or Eagle Transition Powder to prevent loose stools.Introduce all supplements 3-4 days apart to avoid loose stools & detoxifying too rapidly.

How To Mix The Dog Food and Supplements:


1 - Put kibble in a bowl
2 - Add Nzymes (dietary enzyme) if granular - or you can give as a treat on top of food
3 - Add 4 in 1 Probiotics or Filling N The Wholes
4 - Add other supplements
in your program

Note: you can add other supplements in program in the morning or evening, or divide up, it does not matter. Once they are on the program and used to the supplements you can add them all at once at one feeding with no problem. OR...divide up amount the AM and PM, it does not matter. Most dogs do better with some supplements in the AM and others in the PM so they don't turn their nose up at their food.

5 - Add Meat & Water & OxE-Drops- (and any other liquid that might be in your program) In a one cup measuring cup - add tepid temperature water and a tablespoon or 2 of Eagle Holistic canned meat - You want it moist like a gravy but not sloppy and you don't want the kibble floating in water. Getting your dog to eat food with water on it is very important, it helps prevent over consumption of water and helps prevent bladder irritations which leads to infections. Puppies are prone to this in particular so it is important.

6 - Pour over food, stir and serve. (hint: Velvetta Cheese, Peanut Butter and Brunchweiger are the best to hide pills in if your dog is on medication - none of these supplements will conflict with drugs).

Adults - feed 2 times a day
Puppies under 12 weeks - feed 3 times a day
Tiny Toy breeds feed 4 times a day to keep glucose levels even.

7 - Honest Kitchen Raw - this needs to be re-hydrated so add water to it ahead of time and let it soak up, or you can add a little to your water with canned Eagle and let it soak up for a few minutes. I prefer to mix ahead of time and put in a Glad container in the refrigerator then use a couple of spoonfuls to top dress the kibble.

Commercial foods need to be fed with moisture so dogs don't over consume water after a meal, and so the kibble does not pull moisture from the dogs system in order to break down properly. Use "tepid" temperature water, never hot or warm and never soak your food as it breaks down and destroys nutrients. Do not microwave, soak or use hot or very warm water on your kibble. It will destroy the integrity of the friendly yogurt type cultures in your 4 in 1 Probiotics and the fragile vitamins/minerals and amino acids on your high quality kibble.

Other Info:

Amount: Here is an AMOUNT TO FEED CHART for large/giant breed puppies - their calories really have to be regulated under 10 months of age. Print out chart for reference.

Treats: You can use fresh fruit, berries (they love them frozen) - no grapes or raisins!! - for treats and they won't add lots of calories to the diet. If you use a holistic cookie/treat break it up into very small pieces so the do not get too many calories extra a day. It is the act of reward that is important, not the size of it.

Drinking Water:

It is very important to NEVER withhold water from your dog. This can lead to over consumption and bladder infections. Use common sense; do not let them drink excessively after exercise or dinner. I have found if I have water available in several places, they never overdo it, since they know it is available to them when they need it. That way they drink less water, but more frequently. I do not recommend leaving water in a crate. If you do leave water in your dogs crate, use a stainless steel bucket and two snap hooks to snap hook the handle down low on the rungs of the crate, do not snap it on and let it dangle, far too many dogs strangle on their water buckets so the handle has to be secured with two hooks and down low against the side of the bucket so they can't get their head stuck.

Privacy: Feed your dog in a nice quiet place, in a crate is ideal if you have a bowl holder that you can take in and out of the crate - do not leave it in there. I helps if you do have other dogs so you do not get into food fights. I put the food down and if they do not eat it in 5-10 minutes, then remove it - you can store in refrigerator and try to feed at room temp for dinner or toss it out. If my dogs do not eat in 5 minutes I know 1) someone does not feel well, 2) is coming into season 3) they don't need the nutrients so I back off on the amount at the next feeding. I have one dog that every 3 days I feed him half rations because he regulates his own caloric intake. If off feed more than two meals, consult your vet!

Collars: Do not leave your dog unattended with a collar on, or send him out in the yard to play with another dog with their collars on - many dogs die from strangulation when their teeth get caught up in another dogs collar or the collar caught on a fence. Use a break away collar from Premier Pets if you want a collar on the dog in the house or yard.

See Puppy/Adult Care Guidelines for other tips.

*The Blackwatch Feed Programs are based in education, research, feed trials and in 34 years of personal experience owning, showing, breeding dogs. They are not to be used in lieu of a veterinarian's diagnosis or treatment or used to self-diagnose, and they need to be discussed with your veterinarian.


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