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Valuable Nutritional Information To Investigate

Note: I am not a medical doctor nor a veterinarian. I have simply gathered some interesting information for you to investigate. Any information at this website is not to be considered in lieu of actual medical or veterinarian advice or diagnosis. Print out this info and discuss it with your health care professional.

This info is for humans and pets - in addition to a good daily vitamin/mineral routine for humans, here are other supplements that have tremendous benefits in treating or preventing cancer and well worth investigating. I will give you the best sources that I can find based on price, quality and ethics of the company.These are not multi-level companies so you are not paying twice as much for the middle person.

For use on large/giant breeds I would dose same as adult dose in humans. Small breeds, it will be an educated guess, but these are functional foods, so I would think half the dose for an adult human would be sufficient. Talk to the company for suggestions.

Fighting Cancer

These products below show evidence, through research, of reducing tumors. I would call them at Raintree to get suggestions. I can tell you this website has research references listed so you know it is backed up by actual scientific research. We gave my father N-Tense (Graviola) and it did reduce his tumors (lung cancer).

UPDATE 2011 : This is a supplement for humans and for pets (different labeling) that is an absolute MUST for anyone with Cancer going through chemo and/or radiation to prevent cellular DNA damage. Note in the instructions that come with this that it can't be given at the same time as Graviola and must be alternated if you are using both products.

Contact: POLY-MVA


Click here to purchase: Intense2 - (blood cancers) like Leukemia

Click here to purchase: N-Tense - (tumors)

Click here to purchase: K-9 Immunity (tumors) - dosage on container.

K-9 Immunity - contains the most widely used anticancer compounds in the world: PSK, PSP and Lentinan, as well as nearly 200 other closely related heteropolysaccharide immunomodulator compounds from organically grown mushrooms.

The dosage for dogs for N-Tense is 1/2 capsule per 25 lbs of body weight. Call them for any questions

Another option is to read about MMS - Miricle Mineral Supplement on the internet - for pets and humans.

2) Boost Immune Function

Products like Colostrum and K9 Transfer Factor and Co-Q-10 (90-120 mg) are critical to use in boosting immune function.

Spark of Life Trace Minerals from

3) Detoxify the Liver (body)

The most powerful detoxifing agent I know of is the Nzymes product. It is so powerful it can detoxify chemo and radiation free radicals from the body. Being on double doses of Nzymesis critical to cleansing the body as cancer cells die off.

4) Reverse Acidosis (Low body pH)

In dogs, it is best to use a grain free diet and one without potato in it. I like the Nutri Source Grain Free chicken or lamb and Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free diets because they are normal range of good proteins/fats, adequate calcium for "all life stages" and they are low carbs and no glutens. A meat based, with good fats diet that is low in carbohydrates is critical in keeping the body balanced in dogs.

Other Support Information:

AHCC - For Info from Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center
Chick here for information on AHCC

To purchase AHCC go to Source Naturals

My Personal Experience and The Research

The initial studies done on dietary enzymes (Nzymes) were done on men exposed to Agent Orange in the Vietnam war. Nzymes are the major heavy hitters when it comes to scavanging free radicals (bad guys!) from the body. Nzymes provide the nutrients necessary for the body to make antioxidants to detoxify the body.

Twelve years ago, I was involved in observing a research project of Dr. Eugene Wagners. He was the Director for Medical Education at Ball State University/IU Med Center. (I am a retired professor from BSU and have worked with Gene for years helping with pet nutritional problems.)

Dr. Wagner is a chemist and nutritionist and he did studies on 400 mice that were exposed to heavy levels of radiation. Of the 400 mice, 200 were fed a normal "mouse chow" diet, the balance of the 200 mice were only fed the dietary enzymes made from sprouted materials. The 200 on the "mouse chow" all died in a short time. Of the 200 mice on dietary enzymes (Nzymes) which detoxified the body, only two died in the early stages, the rest showed no ill effects of the radiation and live their normal life span.

When my father was diagnoised with lung cancer at 88, they pretty much gave up on him. He was not going through the treatments needed to try and rid his lungs of cancer. I told him to have his chemo and radiation, but let's use some supplement to help back up the system, detoxify the ill effects, keep up your energy level and reduce the tumor naturally as well. He is almost 90 years old and still cancer free. Here is my dad's story

Nzymes are critical to detoxify the body from the ravages of chemo and radiation.

They work, not only on my father, but on friends who have gone through these treatments. There is no need to lose your hair and be so sick that you can't function, as long as you detoxify daily with Nzymes (12 per day divided AM and PM) and incorporate fresh juicing into you daily routine, add some natural supplements and NO SUGAR...cancer and yeast/ fungus love sugar.

This is true for humans as well as your pet. The supplements I suggest are from foods and do not conflict with any thing you are taking.

Are You Diagnoised with Cancer

If you are not on a daily vitamin routine, for prevention and/or support might I suggest you look at the one we have been on for some time.... you can tailor it to your own needs and if NOTHING MORE...please take a good food based liquid vitamin like the one in this program.

If you are diagnoised with cancer there are some very important websites you need to be reading, as well as supplements to consider which are listed above. I will list the websites as well. Here is a good start, I will continue to add sites as I find them and check them out.

For individiuals who have tumors that are in difficult places to get at or they are not candidates for surgery, there is an option besides nutritional support. Read this info

I have two resource people you can contact if you are personally diagnoised with cancer, they will offer some suggestions as well. Contact me:

For information on a good daily Vitamin/Mineral supplement routine

For information on anti-aging beauty routine - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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