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Welcome to the cat and kitten section of this website which is dedicated to the care, nutrition and special needs of cats and kittens. Cat lovers, as we all know, are purrrrfectly wonderful people, so it is our hope to provide them with lots of helpful information on the care and feeding of our fabulous felines friends.

Our special guest and long time cat enthusiast, Constance DeGiorgis will be our contributing expert, providing us with information that is dedicated to cat and kitten care. You may think "gee, she looks familiar" you may recognize Constance from many magazine advertisments for ALLI, the weight loss supplement.. You can go to their website and read her weight loss story. Constance is very knowledgable about wellness now, not only in her own life, but for her family pets.

Constance DeGiorgis with Chuck (18 yrs young)
,Champion "Sugar" her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Lil' Minnie 9 month.

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Hello, First let me introduce myself to you. I've been a cat lover my whole life. In fact, I can't recall life without a cat and certainly can't imagine it either.  My earliest memory was when I was three years old and decided to give our long-haired orange tabby a bubble bath. Cats have had a hold on my heart ever since. I used to say my nightly prayers, in pure childlike prose, to include the family cats and dog. "God Bless Pepper, Puffy, Sammy, Spooky, Freddie, and Mrs. Murphy". Yes, Mrs. Murphy was a cat, not my kindergarten teacher.

These days, I give thanks for Sugar, Chuck, and Minnie. They are my forever
friends who make me smile and remind me that love takes many shapes and
forms. Let me introduce you to my current furry family. Chuck is the sole survivor of a litter of four born in 1992 to a stray we adopted and named Callie.

Callie was a great little Mom who continued to care for her daughter Purdy and Chuck until she passed last year at the age of 18. Purdy, age 17, followed eight months later and we were left with Chuck, also 17.

The house was suddenly empty and I was terribly lonesome for my "girls". Chuck
seemed lost as he wandered the house and searched all the familiar spots where his mother and sister would sleep. He even looked sad. But by devine intevention a gift was brought to us!

Two weeks after losing Purdy, we noticed a tiny black and white kitten hiding in
my Mom's garage. It was November and very cold. My daughter was able to catch her and brought her home. She was so thin and sickly that I didn't expect her to live. Her eyes were sealed shut with infection, she was too weak to stand, eat, or cry. We brought her back to life with antibiotics, force feedings of quality nutrition, a few baths, and lots of love. Today, Minnie is healthy and beautiful and a devoted friend to Chuck. I don't think she knows if she's a cat or a dog, as she mimics both Chuck and our dog Sugar. But what she does know is that she belongs here and is very much loved by her family.

It is our hope that the information at this website will be of help to you in the care and feeding of your cat. As time goes on we will build a sizable resource for cat lovers at this website.

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