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There is much info on the internet and it is very confusing for me, so I know it is confusing for the average pet owner. In this article I am not suggesting one way is better than the other, frankly we just don't know what is best, but I can try to provide you with information that can help you in your quest to help your pet. It is information and a supplement support program that I would use on my own animals. If you choose to use it, please do so at your own risk and please understand it is not to be used in lieu of veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment. My heart goes out to you at this time and I wish you all the success for your pet. We are getting some great reports about this program. Animals are going through chemo and handling it very well with this nutritioinal support.
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Latest Research on Bone Cancer

The Cancer Support Program

The supplements for this program are Kit #48 - Cancer Support

You can call in your order at 765-284-8288 or go to their website:

Supplements in the Kit #48 for Cancer Support:

Filling N Wholes - a whole food vitamin/mineral/probiotic/digestive enzyme supplement that supports all systems; immune, digestion, joint and heart.

Ox-E-Drops - which will help maintain the pH of the gut

Nzymes Granulars - which is a powdered form of sprouted foods that will cleanse the body at a cellular level and help restore health due to it's ability to neutral any free radical damage done by disease, surgery or medication. Heavy duty antioxidant protection from this product.

Transfer Factor - a powerful form of colostrum to boost immune function

K9 Immunity - a combination of several medicinal mushrooms to reduce tumors. This product was used in several research tests used by the Guide Dogs of America with great success.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil - Mix your salmon oil in some cottage cheese and feed the two together, this is very beneficial to the body when you are fighting cancer. The combination of the two things is highly recommended.


In August 2011 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, surgery was done in October and as of June 2012 I am cancer free. I put my self on a immune enhanceing nutritional program and many of these very same supplements I am suggesting in this program. I also did a type of chemo that was gentler, it is called IPT Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy and you do not get sick, loose your hair or destroy your immune system. This method of chemo is not available to pets. It is my goal in the next few years to get vets trained in this method that does not take out the patient's immune system along with the cancer. For more info here is my new article.

Now to your pet's needs.

Of all the Feed Programs I have developed over the years for my buyers, the most difficult one to design for my own dogs would be the Feed Program for Cancer Support. This program is designed to support the body by giving it the building blocks necessary to try and fight cancer at a cellular level, and minimize free radical damage and reduce inflammation. This is also a supplement program to help get through the cancer treatmen if one chooses this option, it will lessen the ravages of chemo and radiation and free radical damage. I developed a nutritional program for my own father's lung cancer and it was successful for him, as well as others who were going through this process, including myself. So in this article I will talk about food and supplement suggestions and protocols that others have shared with me, that have provided considerable success. I will also include links to websites that offer support.

A quality diet is critical for a dog with cancer, especially for the best possible outcome, you need to provide the absolute best foods and nutrients you can find, to support the body while fighting this battle. I have heard that people or pets rarely die of cancer itself, it is normally because they succumb to secondary problems such as liver or kidney failure from chemo and radiation's side effects, which in most cases can be avoided by controlling the diet and supporting the body nutritionally to minimize free radical damage.


I am going to write this for the lay person, because it is more important to understand the definition of Free Radicals (Oxidative Stress) than it is to know the chemistry behind it, at least for now. You can look that up on a google search.

Daily our bodies are bombarded with toxins and pollutants through the environment directly, the food and water we consume, alcohol, smoking, preservatives in food, processed foods, sodas, pesticides, cleaners, exhaust and simply the air we breathe. These toxins are neutralized or gobbled up by antioxidants - a term we are familiar with. Now, our bodies produce their own antioxidants, which neutralize these toxins, provided we eat the right foods and/or consume the right supplements when our diets fall short. It is best to have a good cross section of antioxidants in our foods, rather than just large doses of one antioxidant, so variety is important in our diet for this reason. Too much of a good thing in this case gives just the opposite effect by over saturating our cells with one antioxidant causing a pro-oxidant effect. Free Radicals are the by-products of our daily bodily functions and we must cleanse them from our cells in order to repair the body. We do so by eating a variety of healthy foods and use whole food supplements as back up support.
The effects of chemo and radiation on the body's cells, is it creates enormous amounts of free radical (oxidative stress), so if one chooses chemo and/or radiation for their pets, it is important to have a highly nutritious diet to eliminate that free radical/oxidative stress damage to the body, so the body can heal.

Other Support:

1). Alter pH of the Body. - Reverse Acidosis - Poor diet, stress, antibiotics, anger, and bitterness puts the body into an acidic environment. Bad bacteria, virus and fungus can take over causing the body numerous diseases. It is very important for health to maintain your body's pH balance.Wellspring is a purified, concentrated source of electron-rich alkaline ions and minerals. It turns water into a powerful antioxidant. Add one ounce to a gallon of pure water. The resulting water enhancer can promote health in countless ways by combating the effects of the overly acidic modern diet (

Mix 1 ounce into a gallon of water and use for the dogs drinking water.

Note: if you are on a tight budget, and you can get your dog to drink water with lemon in it (juice of 1 lemon in 1 bucket of water) or use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (2-3 tablespoons in a bucket), this is an inexpensive way to flip the pH of the body in pets.

Other Whole Food Options:

Crushed Garlic
Cooked Eggs
Cottage Cheese - mix with the oils or sardines when fed!!!
Raspberries/Blue Berries
Shredded/diced carrots or baby carrots.
Raw Meat - Please only use those tested and balanced in Calcium/Phosphorus- my first choice

Blackwatch Feed Program for Cancer Support

Foods: - the general principle here is to have a high protein, high fat diet with less grains/carbs. The food you use should be HOLISTIC and not of the Super Premium Level. If you want to feed a grain free:

The only Grain Free foods on the market at this time, that I support for cancer diets, are the Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free Diets and as a back up, if is not available in your area, NutriSouce makes a good grain free formula.

I have helped to design the Precise diets so they are appropriate for this use and the quality is the absolute best. There is a Pork/Chickpea and Lamb/Turkey with Chickpea and Spring Yellow Peas. Check here for a distributor

If you want to feed kibble:

Precise Holistic Complete Small/Med breed puppy and adult - regardless of age or the breed - because we want a higher protein/fat diet for cancer forget the title small - medium and go with it for the levels of fat and protein.

The Precise Endurence and Precise Competetion formulas will work as well.

If you want to feed dehydrated balanced raw food as a mixer along with your kibble, I suggest the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw foods or Precise Canned Foods work well too as a mixer with the kibbles:

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw - EMBARK- 29% protein / 16% fat

Organic hormone-free turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, spinach, carrots, coconut, apples, organic kelp, eggs, sesame seeds, bananas, cranberries and rosemary.

If you want to feed a totally raw diet:

The one I use and recommend is Darwins Raw (see above) and they have a line of grain free treats the dogs are nuts about their teast. This food is tested for pathogens AND parasites and made in their own plant - USDA inspected, human grade.

You can use a combination of kibble and Honest Kitchen Embark and/or Diets Raw Meat. Example: 80% kibble and 20% raw or 80% kibble and 20% dehydrated fruits and veggies. This provides a good variety for the dogs and that way I know all bases are covered nutritionally

Note: Although the majority of vets have NO nutritional training, many veterinarians feel that antioxidants (such as the Nzymes Granular or Treats) should be stopped three days before, and resumed one week after the completion of the radiation or chemo treatment. This comes old and antiquated research information. I have this info in my human article on cancer. It is crucial you work with your oncologist to achieve maximum effectiveness in your dog's treatment! I have personally been through this myself as well as my father, who by the way was cancer free at 90 and died of congestive heart failure. I know for myself, these foods and supplements kept me in top shape during chemo and I did not suffer like others have suffered.

Ramping Up Schedule for Supplements:

We do not want to add everything all at once and make the pet sick so let's start with a routine that spaces the supplements apart when introducing them until they are used to the supplements. It is best if we can start them before any treatment, if you decide to go this route, but sometimes that is not the case. DOSAGES ARE ON THE CONTAINERS.

Day 1 - Alkalized Water for the drinking water.

Day 2 Start the K9-Immunity and Transfer Factor and Ox-E-Drops in teaspoon - tablespoon of diluted water and put on the food.

Day 3 - Introduce Filling N The Wholes to the diet.

Day 4 - Introduce the Nzymes granular - follow the label on the TOP of the container for easing into this product. If the dog gets loose stools it is due to detoxing, so ease on the Nzymes a bit and "ease" them back into a maintanence dose, then double dose for 2 weeks, just follow the round label on the top of the jar.

if the dog is doing well with these additions, no nausea and loose stool, then you can add anything else you decide is helpful that is on this list.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the luck. Remember this - it is better that we be in pain with their loss, then they be in pain suffering. Quality of Life is the key. When their quality of life is diminished it is time to let them go to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to you at this most difficult time and you and your pet are in my thoughts and prayers.

Linda Arndt - The GreatDaneLady

Support Articles:

Saying Good Bye

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UPDATE 2011 : This is a supplement for humans and for pets (different labeling)it is used for anyone with Cancer going through chemo and/or radiation to prevent cellular DNA damage. Note in the instructions that come with this that it can't be given at the same time as Graviola and must be alternated if you are using both products. It is a very very expensive product so if you can afford it and this is a dog that has youth on it's side and a strong immune system it would be worth investigating.

Contact: POLY-MVA

Editorial Comment: Due to FDA regulations, they are tightening up on individuals who sell holistic products and as you know, the big drug companies lobby Washingto DC and are trying to get control over the holistic health care industry and nutritional supplements. I have removed one of the suppments from this page, so not to draw attention to this product. If you read this article it will explain about the uses for Cancer.
To give you an example. I sell nothing at this educational website, but on sites that sell supplements, words like cancer and arthritis can not be used because they are the name of a condition and it is not approved. In the meantime, you may want to print out this Article of Interest as it relates to the program and read it later.

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