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Blackwatch Feed Programs - United Kingdom- Europe


The well known Blackwatch Feed Programs and their components (kibble, canned and supplements), are now available in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The basis for this program is the Golden Eagle Pet Foods, coupled with specific whole food nutrition, which makes for a winning combination for pet and owner. These comprehensive feed programs are based in 40 years of knowledge, feed trials, and real life experience as a respected breeder of Great Danes, Pugs and Borzois.These feed programs are not to be used in lieu of a veterinarian's diagnosis or advice, or to cure disease. These programs are a tool to assist owners and breeders in promoting health, wellness and longevity for their companion animals.

Linda Arndt - Blackwatch Kennels - established 1973 USA (Great Danes and Pugs)

Golden Eagle is now available all over Europe as well as the United Kingdom
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Here is the Golden Eagle Philosophy - this is what sets it apart from all the other foods available to you.

Why Feed Golden Eagle Dog Food

All About Nutraceutical Nutrition

The Blackwatch Feed Program -Adults & Puppies

In all the Blackwatch Feed Programs I use Holistic foods as a basis for the diet and I have provided a list of supplements that make this comprehensive program that promotes long term wellness for your pet.

In my CORE 4 Philosophy of Wellness, I talk about the 4 supplements necessary to sustain life and keep a strong immune system. These supplements come in a variety of my CORE 4 KITS or sold individually and can be shipped overseas Priority International Shipping from the USA, making them available for your pet to have for their Wellness program.
Many of these supplements I have designed and they are used by breeders and owners all over the world. No supplements are sourced from China.

Puppies: You can use 10% raw meat/tripe component along with Golden Eagle Large/Giant Breed Puppy. A large dog is any dog that matures to 50lbs at adulthood.

Puppies 10-12 months: - you can use 20% meat/tripe and 80% Golden Eagle Kibble. Not all dog food brands or types are calculated in their calcium and phosphorous content to use with raw meats or tripe, which can cause growth problems in young dogs and arthritis in older dogs.

Adults: you can use up to 25% meat/tripe and 80% Golden Eagle kibble.

Blackwatch Feed Program Supplements

These are supplements below that are in every one of my 50 Blackwatch Feed Programs. After you decide on the Golden Eagle Pet Food that suits your pet's need, you can choose from one of the CORE 4 Kits for Wellness.

If your pet is not sick and you want to keep them healthly, choose from one of my CORE 4 Kits.

If your pet has health problems, pick a CORE Supplement Kit from this list of CORE 4 Kits For Health Problems.

  • DIETARY ENZYMES - for detoxification, a natural anti-inflammatory, helps prevent vaccine reactions - start it at weaning - use throughout life.

  • PROBIOTICS - powerful, blend of (6)multiple beneficial bacteria and
    4 digestive enzymes to add in digestion and to keep immune system in good shape. Remember 70% of the immune system resides in the intestinal tract.

  • LIQUID OXYGENATOR- anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial - multiple uses internal/external - every pet owner needs to read all the things this remarkable liquid will do. It needs to be used diluted when used for cleaning ears, eyedrops, colonics etc. It can be used in a vaporizers or nebulizer for antibiotic resistant bacteria as well. Use for dogs, cats and humans. But most importantly it keeps a proper pH in the digestive tract.

Skin Problems ~ Allergies ~ Ear Infections

If you have a dog/cat with skin problems, ear infections and/or allergies, please look at the these articles on Systemic Yeast Infections and the Kit you need to rebalance the system. You also need to follow directions which will be sent in the Skin Recovery Kit #30.

If you have multiple dogs with this problem or want to have a kit large enough to last 3-4 months I suggest the Super Skin Recovery Kit.

Phone: 1- 765-284-8288 EST - State of Indiana, USA


Why Golden Eagle Senior Food is Visionary
This is a remarkable food for older dogs (5 yrs +). We are told older dogs need less when in fact they need more protein, usable protein to hold muscle mass to support the bones. Nutrients need to be higher to replace greater needs for the elderly. Everyone reports higher energy levels with this food and that has been my experience. It also has joint support nutrition, which is very important for the geriatric animal.

Puppies and older dogs should NEVER be placed on a lite or low-protein diet. Cut back the amount you feed rather than switching to a lower protein and lower fat. They need the nutrients for their organs and brain cells and their coats will suffer drastically.


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