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Basic Human Wellness Program

I have taken daily nutritional supplements since the late 1960's. Two of my mentors in education, were also a nutritionists and biochemists from Cornell University. They introduced me to the author Adelle Davis and established a vitamin routine for me, which I adhere to today, with some additions and modifications, due to updated info since the 60's.

In spite of my Northern, Germanic, "Reubenesque" physique, and love of cooking and good and bad food, I have always enjoyed good health and wellness, and feel my supplement program has more than paid off. People will say to me......"WHAT....You've been teaching HOW LONG??? -Well you sure don't look your age. "Well, I can thank Winifred and Irv and Adelle for that,... so I would like to share with you a simple daily supplemental routine, one in which you can start with to move toward Wellness. This is a basic program and can be enhanced with other supplements, depending on specific needs; arthritis, diabetes, acid-reflux etc.Before you start this program please read about detoxification and why you need to ease into anything new like a Wellness Program. Click Here: Easing Into Detox

Update: on a personal note. August 2011 I was diagnosed with endrometrial cancer, had surgery, went through IPT Chemotherapy - a holistic type and thankfully am Cancer free today. I ramped up my nutritional support and came out the other end in great shape, no illness, nausea or hair loss. Please read the article about it.

How To Stay In The Habit .....

Counting out vitamins on a daily basis is not fun, and it is probably the main reason most people stop their wellness routine. I have a system I have used for almost 40 yrs. I take 30 minutes a month (while watching TV), to count out our monthly vitamins into little containers. I then stack them in a drawer, and in the AM I just pull out what is needed at breakfast, and then pop the lid on for the remainder to be taken at lunch or later in the day. EASY!! However lately I have condensed this program by using some tremendous liquid supplements which can be combined in one fast 4 ounce glass.

For any pills form supplemenets, like my Nzymes which I won't do withouth, I invest in at least 31 "Glad brand" plastic containers - those really small ones. That way you can count them out for a month and reuse them monthly. The first time you do this it is a little costly ($20), but you reuse them monthly so it's a great investment and helps you to stay on track. Also no excuse when in a hurry, it's all done for you.

I also carry a bottle of Metamucil fiber pillsin my purse, don't laugh I have all my friends trained, after dinner out they reach over and say" ya got any fiber with you?" Now they are carrying with them as well and we share!

Linda's Basic Wellness Program

note: all products in this article can be purchase at - online or you can call for help and questions at 765-284-8288 - I am their nutritional consultant.

Start with good vitamin/mineral supplement one that is a liquid and acomprehensive daily supplement. - this MUST be made specifically from "whole foods" not synthetics - which most supplements are that are on the market today and NOT something over the counter from Wal-mart like Centrum this is not a good choice. These have only crude forms of unusuable minerals, minimimun amounts - enough to sustain life but not thrive. No this will just not do it for real vitality and wellness!!

The for anti-aging/detoxification and rejuvenation use the

CORE 4 Kit#50 for Humans

  • This kit contains:
  • Nzymes (dietary enzymes)
  • Pro-B Probiotics/digestive enzymes
  • pH Restorer - concentrated drops.

Nzymes - dietary/metabolic enzymes (not digestive) that remove toxins from the body and keep you young inside and out. They put the "living components" back into our cooked, processed, foods and provides nutrients to the body, so the body can detoxify itself. This is critical to keep away premature aging and disease. These are so powerful they can detoxify chemo and radiation effects. I know, it did it for me. Plus I witnessed this with my own father when I put him on a nutritional program during his bout with chemo and radiation. He did not suffer the ravages most people do over these 6 weeks. He did not lose weight, get nauseus or lethergic. Now he was 87 but still very active and never lost his appetite. He died of congestive heart failure at 90, not cancer.

I fully believe they are the best anti-aging whole food supplements andI have used them on my dogs and myself for 28 years - hence neither I or Joe have any wrinkles and we are 64 - people are shocked when we tell them our age..they just look at us astonished...."NO WAY" is the comment. Another good thing is and women sail right through menopause with no hot flashes. These are natural anti-inflammatory supplements too so they sure help with arthritis . Nzymes are the things that got rid of my hayfever after being on these for 6 months. They come in granula or human capsules.


Probiotics - beneficial yogurt type bacteria and digestive enzymes for digestive health - what is the famous saying "Death begins in the colon" so keep yours in good shape with a probiotics. I use ProB Probioitcs, a multiple probitoic with some that are encapsulated for tough digestive issues. I purchase the ProB Probiotics, when I purchase my Nzymes. The ProB is specifically to help fight yeast levels and systemic yeast infections humans which is one of the most common yet misdiagnosed problems in our health care system. Dosage: on bottle

Keep a Proper pH

Ox-E-Drops or pH Restore are two products you can use, they are a concentrated natural compound liquid that has bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-viral properties. It enhances the immune system and it releases slowly in the body while cleaning toxins from the body. They help to keep the pH of the gut where it should be and it acts at the cellular level with no unwanted side effects.

It will also help with acid indigestion or acid reflux (which is often caused by refine/white breads and flours). Always use in a diluted form as it is highly alkaline. OxE-drops/pH Restore also have many terrific uses so read the information that comes with your order. I use it to help keep low yeast levels in the gut and to prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome. This and my ProB are essential for a healthy digestive tract. I purchase mine from then Nzymes company as well. This is amazing will knock out a cold, decontaminate water, can be uses as a colonic or douche, eye drop - of course it has to be diluted!!! Read the pamphlet that comes with it, I do not leave home without this in my purse. Do NOT PUT IN JUICE - use in your water. Dosage: on bottle.


(all are available throught - 765-284-8288)

Energy/Mood - I can't live without these!!!

B-Complex - 100 mg a day - all the B vitamins must be used in concert with each other in order to do the body any good, and because they are water soluble, they have to be replaced daily. You cannot get enough of all your B's in your daily meals. This is the only vitamin family that you can actually "feel" a difference in your mood and body energy level.

If I go off them for 2 days I can feel the difference on the 3rd day. I could not accomplish all I do in a day without my B-Complex, and there is not enough B's in any vitamin/mineral supplement on the market to keep you upbeat and moving.

Purchase one with NO YEAST in it and TAKE WITH FOOD or you will be sick to your stomach. Take before noon or you will be up at night cleaning the house!! It is very important that you do not purchase one with yeast in it, you will belch it up all day long, and for some people it causes stinging when urinating - especially men. (ouch!)

Dosage: 1 a day, or double up during very stressful times, but take before noon or you will be up at night cleaning the house, working on the computer or dancing then night away.

Bones/Muscles/Proper pH

Angstrom Calcium/Magnesium Supplement - What good is having good health with no strong bones to support it? When you get a Calcium/Magnesium supplement combo, liquid is the best choiceDid you know magnesium is as important as calcium and that many heart attacks could have been prevented with additional magnesium in the diet that is why a combo product like this is best to use.

Cardio Health:

Fish Oil - many times do you hear people say I can't take it because I burp it up! The reason for this is, there are actually 4 grades of fish oil and the one you want to get must be pharmaceutical grade or it will "repeat on you". Even purchasing from the health food store you have to specify pharmaceutical grade because there is such a thing as a health food grade fish oil, which does not set well with some people's digestive track.
Fresh ground flaxseed is also very good for lowering the cholesterole levels and a combination of flax and fish oils is a good combo. I also like to take some Coconut Oil a few times a week as well so I use a combination of fish, flax and coconut.

I like Carlson Labs when it comes to Fish Oil - they have pharmaceutical grade WHICH HAS TO BE PURCHASED AT A HEALTH FOOD STORE. Fish oil is so critical to keeping your bad cholesterol levels down and your good ones up. There is another great Fish Oils supplement called ResQ 1250 - this is what we use and I talk about in my article on statin drugs . Statins we want to avoid at all costs!

Dosage: 2000 - 3000mg daily and with food.

A note about cholesterol levels, if yours is over 200 you can lower it simply by Fish Oil, Policosenal 20 mg and adding fiber to your diet. Just do not take your fish oils with your fiber because it absorbs the bad and good oils you take in so these have to be separated. It takes 2 -3 months to see a change, but it works! See my information on Statin Drug Alternatives.

Fruits & Veggies - if you do not get enough!

I do not know anyone that gets in all the fruits and veggies required in the course of a day. But now with some of the great Green Foods available to us, we can get our 5+servings in a day in a drink. My favorite of the so called "green foods" is the Earths Promise.

I have been taking the Earth's Promise Green and have found it is actually very tolerable in taste favorite is the strawberry/kiwi or Elderberry. I have also incorporated the Earth Promise Orange and Earth Promise Purple and try to take each at least 3 times a week - what a great way to get all of these on a weekly basis. The best source for purchasing is

"Electrical Beings" - Trace Minerals

We are chemical/electrical beings. Our metabolism/glandular system is the power plant for our body. With today's farming techniques and depleted soils, it is next to impossible to get the trace minerals necessary for adequate metabolic functions. Trace minerals run the body's electrical system (glands/hormones etc) and there is a noticeable difference in your energy level on trace minerals - they are the spark of life. We use the Spark of Life brand from

Just A Regular Guy (or Gal) - Fiber

The modern day western diet is low in fiber, and high in colon cancer. It's sad because this one is so easy to remedy with a high fiber diet, lots of fruit/veggies or if you can't handle that, fiber now comes in capsules, chewable and mixable powders, readily available at Walgreens, RiteAid, Sams Club and Costco. Sometimes we have to "try" different ones to find out which one will not turn us in to a "skywriter", so suggest one introduce it to your body in the evening when you are home, and not in the morning with a full day of work ahead! I also suggest you build up gradually to the recommended dose on the bottle. I take at lunch and dinner (3-4 Metamucil capsules with a large glass of water). I will tell you Benefiber does not give most people gas like Metamucil does.

Later in the evening before bedtime and 30 minutes before or after you take your calcium supplement so it does not absorb it, take another additional tablespoon of dissolvable Benefiber or Metamucil and a large glass of water or juice. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING ANY SUGAR FREE FIBER PRODUCTS DUE TO THE CONNECTION BETWEEN ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS AND THE POTENTIAL FOR ALZHEIMERS. I WOULD RATHER OPT TO USE THE REGULAR SUGAR FIBER THAN AN ARTIFICIAL, THERE IS NOT ALL THAT MUCH IN THE FIBER.

You want the dissolvable type or you may have "flatulence" If this type of Metamucil still makes you gassy, do not give up,...... you can use a really good nongaseous fiber supplement made by Nature's Plus called Rx-Fiberific™ Cholesterol Balance Vcaps™

Joint Support

Every knows about glucosamine, there are televisions ads about joint support product there is every hour of the day. Between myself, Joe and the dogs I have tried every kind made and there are definate differences in them that is forsure. We like this one the very best and are moving over more and more to mostly liquid supplements so they can be dumped in one glass and downed after breakfast or lunch. We use the First Choice Naturals Opti-Glucosamine Joint Support which comes in a liquid and I combine it with my liquid vitamin/mineral I take every morning.

I also use the Liquid Health Level 5000 for pets. from the same company.

None of the products in this program are sold through multi-level marketing/ pyramid companies.


There is one last supplement that is optional and that is called SAMe. I use a brand from Walgreens called Nature Made SAM-e Complete is a natural and safe way to maintain a healthy mood. SAMe is a food, not a drug and it helps to naturally raise seritonin levels. If you are already on a prescription drug for depression or anxiety - any mood altering medicine, you can not/should take this supplement! The two can not be mixed.

If you are not taking any medicines for mood or depression this is a good supplement to try. It takes a few days to get into the body before you can tell a difference and generally you start with 200 mg a daily. During very tough stressful times, I will take 400 mg daily. One thing I noticed that if after a while I am not sleeping well because I want to get up and cook or clean, then I need to back off on the amount I take - instead I move to 200 mg every other day. That could be just my body chemistry but I have heard others say I love the way I feel, I don't sweat the small stuff, but I am almost too energetic at night, I lay there wide awake planning something. That just means your body needs less amounts - easy to remedy! SAMe is a natural substance in the body but as we age, it gets less and less and many elderly that suffer from depression are just low on their SAMe levels. It also detoxifies the liver and helps with joint pain, an added plus. I get it at Walgreens and/or

Take the SAMe Mood Test

Human Wellness Program - Now In A Kit Format:

I am glad to announce that Dr.Wagner's First Choice Naturals now has 4 Basic Wellness Kits for Humans. You can add to this based on your specific needs - call for prices 765-284-8288.

1) CORE 4 Kit #50 - " Foundation"

  • Nzymes capsules (dietary enzymes)
  • Ox-E-Drops or pH Restore
  • Probiotics (benefical friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes)

2) Basic Daily Wellness:

  • Liquid Whole Food Vitamin/Mineral supplement
  • Nzymes capsules (dietary enzymes)
  • Ox-E-Drops
  • Probiotics (benefical friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes)

3) Daily Wellness - Age Defense for Men

  • Liquid Whole Food Vitamin/Mineral supplement
  • Nzymes capsules (dietary enzymes)
  • Ox-E-Drops
  • Probiotics (benefical friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes)
  • Opti-Glucosamine - Liquid Joint Support

4) Daily Wellness - Age Defense for Women

  • Liquid Whole Food Vitamin/Mineral supplement
  • Nzymes capsules (dietary enzymes)
  • Ox-E-Drops
  • Probiotics (benefical friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes)
  • Calcium/Magnesium Liquid Supplement
  • Opti-Glucosamine - Liquid Joint Support


Other things to enhance your specific situation from First Choice Naturals


Mental Boost - liquid form - Mental Boost combines 18 leading nutrients to stimulate mental performance and enhance memory including Huperzine A, Taurine, DMAE, Ginkgo Biloba, plus Essential Fatty Acids
Immune Boost - liquid form - Immune Boost is carefully balanced with powerful immune enhancers. Its combination improves general health, fights infections, and allows the body to deal with stress more effectively.

Prostate Support Supplement Men - 35+ need to be on a good product to support prostate health.

Men/Women - 35+ Co-Q-10 starts to deplete in your body so supplementation is vital

Liquid Health Opti-Glucosamine Joint Support. This is a joint support for Men/Women - it's never to early to start - and I like the liquid supplements the best.

Memory issues, ADD or ADHD problems are improved on this supplement. I have had great success in my human food trials with a product called ATTENTION

If you have heart health see Dr. Sinatra's website - a known and respected cardiologist -

Click Here: For Daily Routine Checklist


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