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Alternative To Statin Drugs

Alternative to Statin Drugs

This is the routine that Joe and I use with great success. Start with his website for information

Make 4 simple changes to your daily vitamin routine to help keep cholesterol at good levels. Fish Oils, Fiber and at least one support producst such as Cholesteroff, Policosenal or Garlic. If you are on statins or were on statins you need to use CoQ10 or Ubiqonal daily to replace what the statins have leached out of your body. If you are over 40 you should be on it anyway because it gets less with age and it effects the heart, lungs and gums (all are related).

1). Fish Oil - Pharmaceutical grade -3000 mg daily.

Use a pharmceutical grade of Fish Oil or a combination of Fish Oil and Krill Oil. Flaxseed is good too but it's the combination of oils from fish and plants that are the best to use. Example 1500mg of Fish or Krill and 1500 mg of Flax or freshly ground flaxseed daily.

If you have a minor cholesterol problem or want to make sure you are maintaining good levels, Carlson Labs also makes a terrific pharmaceutical grade (so you don't burp it up) and this can be found at the health food store. If fish oil repeats on you, it is because it is not pharmaceutical grade, so use one of these I mentioned above.

For individuals with very serious cholesterol problems this is the product to use. Res-Q 1250 and LDL-X. I have friends that had very serious cholesterol levels, well over 300 and in 90 days were reduced to below 200 with elevated good cholesterol levels. I think if you have a serious problem I would go with these two products.

2) Fiber - increase your daily fiber but either increasing your veggies and fruits and eating oatmeal daily, or by simply taking finely ground phyllium capsules or powder you can put in water or juice. Oatmeal is great for this and even better Oat Beta Glucan fiber after lunch and dinner and then before you go to bed. There are other brands as well and Oat Beta Glucan from the health food store is terrific if diabetic or syndrom-X issues.

3) 20 mg daily of Policosenal - which you can get at any health food store or Walgreens or Walmart in the vitamin section or it is very inexpensive.

4) Cholesteroff - by Nature's Made, which is available at Walgreens, Target and health food stores is a terrific product and has the research behind it. This stuff works great and if you do not have a serious situation that needs immediate attention, this will make a difference in 30 days. We take this daily!!

5) Strauss Heart Drops. They are amazing and and the story behind them is just as amazing. Not only are they for prevention they are for serious heart issues such as hardening of the arteries or clogged arteries. they are also an alternative for individuals who can't go through surgury due to age or health problems, this is a must. For questions, ingrediets and dosages click link above.

Again, using whole grain breads and cereals, oatmeal, fruits and veggies will increase your fiber, but we do not always eat mindfully when we are busy or on the road. I keep a bottle of fiber in my purse, and even my friends, after a dinner, out reach out their hand and say "got any fiber on ya?"..I have them trained well!

NOTE: - keep this in mind....try to take your fish oil capsules away from the times that you take your fiber tablets because the fiber will absorb all the oils, good and bad, and take it right out the back to speak. So I try to take my fish oil and Policosenal capsules in the AM after a breakfast (shake or food). That way it gets into your system and not pulled out by the fiber tablets you may use.



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