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Phone Consultation Form

Note: All photographs sent to me will become the property of Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC and can be used for educational purposes; website, seminars, publications, videos, books. All names will be changed and photos cropped so as not to compromise the integrity of the owner or breeder.

One on one consultations with the nutritional consultant can be scheduled through the First Choice Natural's office at 765-287-8288.

They will take your credit card information at that time and process it. They accept MC, Visa, Discover, Am. Express and Paypal.

Cost: $50 per 30 minute session - can be booked in 30 minute increments.

The consultant will need to have the information 24 hours in advance in order to prepare for your particular situation and have resource infomation for you.

Cut and paste this PHONE CONSULTATION FORM and email it or put in a word document and send it to :

Keep our conversation on the subject please, time goes fast and we want to get you all the info you need. If you have a bone growth problem, send photos with your email – we need standing shots of the front, back and side.


Part 1.

Your name:

Email Address:

Dogs Name:

Zip code:

City and State:


Part 2

1). age, sex and breed of dog

2). approximate weight of dog

3). dog's age when acquired

4.) what shots have been given and at what ages.

5) has this dog had it's rabies shots, if so what age?

6).Brand of Rabies - important info if this is a vaccine reaction so call your vet's office and check the records.

7.) has the dog been on any antibiotics and what is the name and how long ?

8) if a Dane, is it cropped and approximately what age?

9.) has a blood test been run?

10.) did the blood test show infection

11). did the veterinarian do x-rays?

12). what is vet's diagnosis?

13.) Did you get a second opinion?

14:.How did you locate me?

15. Does the dog have any skin rash, if so where?

16. Does the dog have any respiratory problems?

17. Do you spray your lawn?

18. Do you use Carpet Fresh or any carpet sprinkles or furniture cleaning agents such as leather oil etc.

19. What do you use for laundry and fabric softeners?

20. List all household cleaning agents including room deodorizers and sprays.

Part 3:

15.) Does this dog have seizures? if so what medicine is the dog on?

16.) Was this dog dignosed with Allergies? Did they do allergy testing?

Part 4.

I need complete information on diet:

1) brand name (company) and type of food (Puppy)( Adult)

2). protein and fat content

3). amount the dog gets at each feeding

4). how many times a day the dog is fed

5.) do you give any treats? If so what are they?

6.) list all supplements you give daily

7). list any other foods that you are giving the dog (list everything please)

8). do you give vitamin C? and how much?

9). has the dog been sick at any time since you have owned it?

10). How many times have you switched dog food and what brands?

Anything else that might be helpful, nothing is too small to consider

Any photos sent will become property of Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC.

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