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Systemic Yeast Instructions for Australia

Systemic Yeast Instructions - Australia

Rebalancing Yeast in the Whole System

1. What is Yeast Overgrowth  (Candida Albicans)
2. What to Expect from This Program
3. Why You Need a Thyroid Test
4. Acceptable Dog Foods and Treats for Yeast Removal
5. Shampoos/Anti-itch Help
6. Supplements in Kit and Their Function
7. Detoxing The Body

8. Maintenance Program for Life - Blackwatch CORE 4 Philosophy
9. Instruction Info
10. Dosages for Supplements


1).  What is Systemic Yeast Overgrowth?

First Read this Article - A Mini-Course in Systemic Yeast ".

Yeast overgrowth is in the intestines and it is a complicated condition. It is brought on by stress, poor quality diets, overuse of antibiotics without fortifying the digestive system with probiotics that support the body while under stress. This program is about RESTORING the digestive system. When the bad microorganisms (bad bacteria,fungus) of the digestive system outweigh the good microorganisms the balance is off, and the fungus/yeast grows out of control and causes all kinds of health related conditions such as visible is skin problems, excessive itching, red skin, sores and ear and bladder infections.

2). What to Expect From This Program

You must use the Yeast Program supplements each day and understand that this process can take up to several months to get in complete control and get the body balanced again. It took a while for this condition and it takes about 3 months to restore it to balance. Until recovery, plan on 2-4 weeks of detoxification (cleansing the body of yeast mycotoxins). You should start to see improvement within a month, and great improvement in 2-3 months. You must be patient and stay the course, make sure you do not run out of supplements so order prior to emptying your reserves. Running out of supplements may mean a setback and delayed rebalancing of the system.


3). Thyroid Test
You must have your pet's thyroid checked if it has not been done in the past 3 months. If there is not a properly functioning thyroid, the yeast removal program can not accomplish its goal of rebalancing the environment of the digestive tract. . If you are not willing to get a thyroid test T-3 and T-4, minimum, you are wasting your money going on this program.

 When you get the test results, ask for a print out yourself. If the numbers are in middle (50%) range, this is considered low for the large and giant breeds and you must treat with thyroid meds. You may need to insist for this medication. Many vets were not trained to read the report for a low normal readings.  Here is an article you can print out an determine it yourself from the test results. All dogs, regardless need to have this test done yearly once they are 5 years of age. Thyroid and yeast issues usually go hand in hand, and there is human research that shows the yeast die-off (mycotoxins) damage the thyroid function which is why we usually need to support the thyroid with medicine when yeast overgrowth is a problem .

Please print out this article below, so you can determine what is the correct reading on your thyroid test results, do not depend on the vet to know how to read a low normal.



4). Diet Change and Acceptable Pet Treats While on This Program

Feed a high quality Holistic food of moderate protein and fat (23-26% protein 12-15% fats) for your pet. It must be meat based (first ingredient on the label), no by-products, naturally preserved, and whole ground quality grains (brown rice, oats, barley, millet). We have found that no grain formulas do not work well for this yeast program because they contain potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca as the carbohydrate source. These are fast burning and turns to sugar. It's sugars that feed the yeast. Use a Holistic food with a quality whole ground grain such as oats, brown rice, barley, millet, quinoa, amaranth or even a little white rice, as the carbohydrate component.  Contrary to what you read about grains being bad - whole ground, human grade grains are not bad to feed (as a carbohydrate component to a diet) even for yeast situations, because they have their fiber intact, which changes the glycemic index (rate of burn).

These Are OK To Use:

Kibble/ Meats: beef, bison, duck, chicken, eggs, fish, rabbit, turkey, lamb, venison, goat, salmon (not raw).


Veggies: Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery, Collard, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Kale, Lettuce, Parsley, Squash, Yellow Beans, Garlic, Tomatoes.
 Note: Carrots, Peas that are in Holistic diets are in such small amounts they are NO problem.


Fruits:  For the first month of the yeast program do not add additional fruit to the diet. But any herbs, fruits or botanicals in commercial kibble or raw prepared diets are in such a small amounts, it is not an issue. When a dog is not suffering for yeast overgrowth, it is important to include blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, melon in their a diet because the nutrients/antioxidants and fiber properties far outweigh the amount of sugar in them. Your dog does not have yeast problems from eating fruit or veggies - it is a minor issue, but to be on the safe side, no additional fruits added to the diet, like a strawberry treat, for at least the first 2 weeks.

Acceptable Treats: Use meat based treats only during this time, but many no grain treats have potato in them and that is not good to use when there is yeast overgrowth. No yams either. My preference for YEAST TREATS are Diets Freeze Dried Nuggets or Diets Freeze Dried Treats  (sold at  The dogs LOVE these treats!



Treats to Avoid : Milk Bones, Bonz, Beggin Strips, Snausages, Jerky Treats, ALL Greenies, rawhides, pig ears. Remember 90% of the pet treats in the USA come from China.
Grains to Avoid: enriched flour, wheat, wheat gluten, plain white rice and rice flower, corn meal, corn gluten, corn starch, prepackaged breads, cereals, cookies, crackers, pretzels and pasta and pizza crust.
Veggies to Avoid: do not add additional corn, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, (never onions!!).
Dairy to Avoid: buttermilk, cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt with sugar in it - while going through the program, once the dog is balanced these are fine to use for variety. 
Sweet to Avoid:  sugar,sorbitol, carmel coloring, corn syrup, honey, molasses, maple syrup, destrose.  Xylotil can kill your dog so keep all sugarless gum/candy out of reach. It will only take a tiny amount - 2 pieces of sugar free gum can kill a 20 lb dog.  Also avoid peanuts and brewer's yeast. Brewers yeast may be in a food, just do not add additional to your pets diet.


Is Everyone On Board?  You dog is on a restricted diet for awhile and everyone one in the family has to respect that so everyone means the mailman, neighbors, family, service people coming to the door, the treats handed out from the bank teller, they all need to know not to give unapproved foods/treats.

Filtered Water is Best (for you too). Even if you have to use a Pur or Britta filter.

NOTE: Grain free foods have potato in them so they are not on this list of foods for this program..  Honest Kitchen, although normally a great food, does have potatoes in it, so do not use during this period of the yeast program. Raw Commercial diets often have potatoes in them as well.



1). Precise Pet Foods (all foods except the Lamb/Sweet Potato)
2). Petcurean - GO!! Salmon & Oatmeal
3). PurVita - Chicken and Brown Rice (all life stages)
4.) Petcurean Chicken/Fruit/Veggies (all life stages)
5).Nutri-Source - Adult Dog; chicken meal/rice formula (the rest have potato)
6). Nutri-Source Grain Free Chicken or Lamb (use the regular, not the large breed type because it has potato
in it.)
7. Nutrisca Grain Free -meat/chickpea based

NOTE: if you are in Australia - you will need to find a food that fits the criteria listed above.


Life's Abundance - Adult
Pinnacle - Chicken/Oats - Adult
Planet Organics - Adult
By Nature - Puppy, Adult, Active, chicken formula
Natures Logic - Chicken, Lamb, Venison formulas (all life stages)


5). Shampoo and Anti-Itch Help

We have found these shampoo and sprays work best for yeast situations and for managing itching and coat repair. Make sure the first 2-4 weeks of detoxification that you bathe your dog with this shampoo at least 2 times a week. For a rinse - you can use 1/4 cup Arm and Hammer Baking Soda in 1 gallon warm water. Pour over dog, let it set for a few minutes. DO NOT RINSE OFF. Let them shake dry, and leave this on the skin to change the pH of the surface.

  • Micro-Tek Medicated Anti-Itch Spray -16oz - INSTANTLY stops biting, licking and itching - THE ONLY MEDICATED LEAVE ON SPRAY! All Natural.
  • Micro-Tek Medicated Shampoo Concentrate - Anti-Itch Formula- Micro- Tek is the fastest acting, most effective natural shampoo ever developed! It aids in the control of problems upon contact, using a trademarked formula developed from NASA research on the decontamination of astronauts. Ideal for allergy and yeasty skin conditions.
  • Mega-Tek Rebuilder - 2 oz concentrate - Strengthens and repairs dry damaged coat and cracked paw pads! Used to repair damaged coat from itching, chewing caused by allergies and yeast issues. and bacterial infections.

    You can purchase all three of these separately or in a Skin and Coat Repair Kit#34 at a discounted price from or call 1-765-284-8288
  • Listerine (ORIGINAL) used full strength and applied liberally with a sponge or spray (avoid eyes) seems to provide some dogs relief. Do not use on an open wound or sore as it burns.

6). Supplements in Skin Recovery Kit .

Tincture of Black-Leaf- kills the yeast/fungus in the gut

Nzymes Granular or Pet Treat -  to clean out the dying yeast from the whole system

BacPak-Plus - to reseed the gut with good bacteria and break down the outer shell of the fungus so it dies. Digestive enzymes get the most out of the diet you are feeding.

Ox-E-Drops - to alter the pH of the digestive tract so yeast stays at low levels in the gut.


7). Detoxifying The Body -

The skin is the biggest filter organ on the body and the mycotoxins from the dying yeast will work their way through the blood stream and end up on the surface of the skin. This  changes the pH environment of the skin causing serious itching and scratching, often with blackening of the skin and a strong yeasty smell. This irritation can show up in the ears with reoccurring ear infections or bladder infections, feet, face, genitals, belly, under the arms. This is why changing the environment of gut through foods and supplements, and changing the environment on the skin with special shampoos and spray, is very important to reversing this problem and putting your pet at ease.  Please do not resort to steroids, you can use Benadryl for temporary relief during the detoxification period but steroids only make it worse in the long run. (1 mg per lb of body weight, given 3 times a day).

Shampoos/Anti-Itch Sprays: Make sure the first 2-4 weeks of detoxification that you bathe your dog with this shampoo at least 2 times a week. For a rinse - you can use 1/4 cup Arm and Hammer Baking Soda in 1 gallon warm water. Pour over dog, let it set for a few minutes. DO NOT RINSE OFF. Let them shake dry, and leave this on the skin to change the pH of the surface. (Shampoo and Anti-Itch Spray info above).

To manage Sores or Staph Infection: 
You are able to manage any sores or staph on the skin with a diluted 2% solution of OxEDrops or pH ReStore Drops(in kits). To cleanse ears, eyes, wipe or spray sores, as a colonic or douche use a diluted 2% solution. (see below)

PREPARING A 2% OX-E-OROPS SOLUTION : Mix 1 teaspoon of OxE-Drops into 1 cup (8oz) of distilled or purified water. Apply with a drenched cotton ball or put in a spray bottle and spray area where there are sores or use to cleanse ears or use the K9 Ear Solution, which we think works much better. Use 2-3 times a day until there is improvement then you can go to 1-2 times a day.  Store in glass jar in cupboard out of sunlight.   This will not hurt to get into eyes but it is best to make a 1% solution for eye wash use (1/2 teaspoon + 1 cup distilled water)


8). Maintenance Program - CORE 4 Philosophy of Wellness

In order to clear up yeast overgrowth we need to understand that if our pets are started on a Blackwatch CORE 4 Kit ( one of 5 offered at, from 8 weeks on, we can minimize the chances of getting yeast over growth in the first place. PREVENTION IS THE KEY and the same supplements in the yeast program are the very same supplements in the Blackwatch CORE 4 Kits, a lifelong program.
After the completed program,(approximately 2-4 months) we advise the daily use of one of the Blackwatch CORE 4 Kits  and  once a month addition of Tincture of  Blackleaf , for 4 or 5 days each month should help to keep any remaining yeast organisms in check.

9).Instruction Info - If  you purchased yeast removal program from the Biopet Nzymes Company itself, the instructions are very different than the instructions coming with kits sold through First Choice Naturals, Inc. At  FCN we follow the instructions of the originator of the yeast removal concept for pets, Linda Arndt, - The GreatDaneLady, as she developed and wrote about this concept over 28 years. She has the most experience in understanding how these supplements support the system and help balanced it back to normal.

10. When to Start Each Supplement - dosages will be on charts below

Day 1:     Start with:    BacPakPlus  AM and PM

Day 2:     Start with:    Oxy-Drops  - Give AM and PM on food...AM in water

Day 3:     Start with:    Nzymes Granular/Treat

Day 4:     Start with:     Black-Leaf  AM and PM

DAY 5 :  PET IS ON ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS. Stay on the program until situation is resolved, usually up to 3 months, then switch to Maintenance Program discussed earlier in this paper.

Tincture of Black-Leaf  (Kills Fungus)

Tincture of Blackleaf Dosage -

 Dilute with water, broth or mix in some canned meat and given with food. Dogs with sensitive digestion and especially very small breeds need to be eased into this dosage and especially if you are treating for yeast problems, which means double dosages for the amounts on the chart. If your pet can't handle the double dose, then stick with the regular dose then try to gradually increase the amount. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. The signs of detoxifying too fast are nausea, lethargy, loose stools. This is easy to remedy, just back off on the amount and work up to the dosage.  NOTE: Do NOT double dose Small dogs under 15 lbs . (Shake well before using)

Pet's Weight

Regular Daily Use

5 to 30 lbs.

2-3 drops twice daily

30 to 80 lbs.

5-7 drops twice daily

80 to 150 lbs.

10-15 drops twice daily

150 to 250 lbs.

15-20 drops twice daily


Do not use during pregnancy, nursing or on puppies (infants). Consult your holistic health care advisor regarding the use of any herbs during pregnancy.

2.) Dietary Enzymes (Cleansing the dying fungus from body)
OK to split dosage AM and PM - You may recieved Capsules or Granulas in your kit, so we have included a dosage chart for either product.






Daily Dose

WEEK 2 & 3

Detoxing Phase
Daily Dose

WEEK 4 and after

Go back to Regular Daily
Dose for

Maintenance Levels

10 lbs or less




11 lbs -59 lbs




60 lbs - 150 lbs




150 lbs or more








 If they get a loose stool using the Capsules, back off a little and ease them into this dosage. They are just detoxifying too fast.

DOSAGES:   Nzymes- Granulars   





Daily Dose

WEEK 2 & 3

Detoxing Phase
Daily Dose

WEEK 4 and after

Go back to Regular Daily
Dose for

Maintenance Levels

10 lbs or less

1/4 teaspoon

1 treat

1/4 treat

11 lbs -59 lbs

1/2 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

1/2 teaspoon

60 lbs - 150 lbs

1 teaspoon

2 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

150 lbs or more

1 1/2 teaspoon

3 teaspoons

1 1/2 teaspoon

600 to 1000+ (horse)

3-4 teaspoons

6-8 teaspoons

3-4 teaspoons

3). BakPak Plus Probiotics - Capsules (replenish the gut with good bacteria)


Mix the Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme powder with your pet's daily meal. Adjust levels to the individual animal's needs. During periods of increase stress it is suggested to double or triple the daily maintenance levels shown below.

  Pets Size             Use AM and PM if under stress, yeast problems or on antibiotics

4 oz - 12 lbs

1 capsule daily

13 lb - 39 lbs

1 capsule AM and PM

40 to 200 Lbs

2 capsules AM and 1 PM
for first 2 weeks then just 2 a day




4.)  OX-E- Drops (restore pH balance in the gut )



INTERNALLY: Use 1-2 drops of OxE-Drops per 20 lbs of body weight.
Then mix the concentrated drops in a little liquid (water, broth, canned meats, raw meats, soups, baby food ect) using about 1 teaspoons - 1/4 cup depending on size of dog. Use AM and PM if dealing with a systemic yeast issues  or bladder infections.

ADD TO WATER BOWLS TOO:  Use this concentrated liquid in the daily in drinking water too, to help flip the pH of the digestive tract:

 >  small bowl (2-3 drops)
 >  medium bowl (4-5 drops)
 >  large bowl or bucket (10 drops).

TOPICAL SOLUTION FOR SORES:  Mix up this solution and put in sprayer of use to wipe the sores and itching areas of the body with cotton balls. Do this 3 times a day at first and allow it to dry.

2% Solution = 1 teaspoon Ox-E-Drops + 1 cup of distilled water  - use:


If you want to use a solution to clean eyes, vulva, flush penis sheath, douches or enema, use a1% solution as it is more gentle on mucus membranes. Do this 3-5 times a day and allow it to dry.

1% Solution + 1/2 teaspoon of OxEDrops + 1 cup of distilled water  - use:

Continue to repeat this until the area improves. You can also use it as a compress and leave on an area for 15 minutes.

The 2% solution works well in a spray bottle and used over large areas of the pet.


Disclaimer: The Blackwatch Yeast Removal Process TM is the schedule used by "The GreatDaneLady" for her own dogs.  She is not a veterinarian and this process is in no way meant to diagnosis, treat or replace a veterinarians diagnoses or treatment. She and  First Choice Naturals, Inc. suggest that you work through your vet with this process and she is willing to assist your vet as well. Our customer service is here to assist you and your vet with these whole food supplements . Copyright 2011
Questions: email -  or call: 1-765-284-8288



Start Date:

Pet's Name:

Pet's Weight




DOSAGES CALENDAR for Yeast Program




Brand Name


Regular Dosage
Week 1


Detox Dosage
Weeks 2 & 3

Back to Regular Dosage
Week 4 and there after


BacPakPlus   Capsules





1-2 drops per 20 lb of body weight   





Nzymes Granular









K9 Ear Solution





1). If more than one pet on the yeast program, copy this form then fill in the boxes with the following information.
2). According to the supplement dosage charts attached, what is the dosage for each supplement ,based on your pet's weight -- fill in the chart for reference?
3). If you keep a weekly diary of the progress and photos we can put your pet's story up on the website to share with others.



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