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Trying to get the Yeast Removal Kit into some countries is next to impossible due to custom regulations. You can contact and they can tell you where it can be shipped. Email:

If you live in Australia the yeast removal supplements for dogs/cats will NOT be allowed into customs. However, there is a way to do this, ....they CAN ship the same products to you only with human labels on the bottles and will then email you the dosage instructions/booklet separately or you can get them online at this website.. Systemic Yeast Removal Instructions - Australia

To order email them at :

For detailed info on diet read this article as well Mini-Course In Systemic Yeast

If you live in a country where there is no way the customs will allow you our products here is a way to do this. I can tell you what to buy at a health food store that can get the job done.

Understand  you need to have a 5 panel thyroid test done so tell your vet this is what is needed to get an accurate assessment of your pet's thyroid issues. Behind every yeast problem is a thyroid problem 98% of the time.

You need to get a complete Thyroid Antibody Panel which includes T4, Free T4, T3, Free T3 and a TGAA (thyroglobulin autoantibody) test. You will have to INSIST on this with your vet. I do not know if
Dr Jean Dodd's work with vets internationally but check with her at . If you lived in the US you would go to her site, download the forms for her to anaylize your dog's blood. You take the forms from her website to your vet, your vet draws the blood then sends it to her for the correct reading. If you can't do this then tell you vet you want him/her to do the 5 Panel Thyroid Test

T4, Free T4, T3, Free T3 and a TGAA (thyroglobulin autoantibody)

Once it comes back and you get the dog on thyroid medicine if needed then you can proceed with diet change and supplements to lower yeast levels. Remember no potatoes in your pet's diet, use a meat based dog food, and if you have grains, keep them limited to whole ground grains like oats, brown rice and they are to be secondary to the meat in the diet. Use the best brand you can find world wide- it must be a Holistic food. Some countries can get Precept Precept Plus, ANF and Golden Eagle Foods, they are the best. Locate a good health food store in your town.


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