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The Fungal Nature of Cancer - 2 Articles

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I have included some articles at this site on Cancer. I think you will find them, if not interesting at least controversial and/or food for thought. I recently saw statistics on bone cancer in Great Danes and how the majority of cancer happens in the growth plate. I have always felt, this was due to nutritional trauma or physical trauma at very early states of development and later in life these damaged cells because cancerous. I was very surprised to run across this article on injuries and cancer.

Cancer is Caused by Infected Injuries; The Fungal Nature of Cancer.

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Inflammation causes cancer.

The link between infection, chronic inflammation, and cancer has long been recognized. Bone marrow stem cells cause stomach cancer in the presence of inflammation due to infection.


Infection causes inflammation. Inflammation causes cancer. Infection can be bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic. Inflammation can also be caused by chemicals (eg. smoking), foreign material (eg. asbestos), autoimmune disorders, repeated injury, etc.


Fungi feed on sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar.


Growth of fungi is stimulated by estrogen. Growth of some cancers is stimulated by estrogen.


Epithelial cancer is another name for carcinoma, the kind of cancer that affects any tissue covering bodily surfaces and cavities. This category includes not just stomach cancer, but breast, pancreas, colon, etc. - in other words, about 90 percent of all cancers.
- Dr. Ralph Moss


Herbs can be used to rid the body of parasites. Ask at your local health food store. Electro-medicine may also help.

There are many ways to rid the body of infections.


Yeast, mold and mushrooms are types of fungi. Dietary strategies can counteract the effects of these mycotoxins.

This page contains two articles by Ron Gdanski.

Cancer is Caused by Infected Injuries
By Ronald Gdanski, Author of the book CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up.

Throughout history the medicine man, tribal doctor or shaman has kept medical secrets from the tribe in order to maintain his position of power and wealth. Today’s modern medicine man has not abandoned this lucrative practice. Rather, they have taken control of the media and indoctrinate the public with false information creating false perceptions. The cancer epidemic is just the tip of the iceburg, but lets take a close look at cancer.

What causes cancer? We are all told by mainstream medicine that the cause of cancer is unknown. Defective genes are suspected because enzymes, produced by genes, control all life functions of the cell. We are led to believe that carcinogens and mutagens or lifestyle and hereditary factors “predispose” one to genetic defects that cause cancer. Cancer starts when a defective oncogene (controller gene) combined with the loss of a suppressor gene mysteriously results in unrestrained growth. Much more genetic research is needed. Please give generously. We are making great strides….

I believe the defective gene theory of cancer is totally false. We are being purposely misled. Genes are stable molecules that account for the stability of life. There is a cancer epidemic raging. How can we have a defective-gene epidemic?

Just look at the mysteries regarding cancer. Up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane traits. Why? Bone cancer does not result in unrestrained bone growth. Why not? We never have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins. Why not? Injuries that do not heal cause cancer. Why? Cancer occurs most frequently within liquid storage vessels such as the stomach, colon, bladder, breast, prostate, etc. Why? There are far too many cancer observations that cannot be answered by the defective gene theory, including growth itself.

Genes do not control growth any more than a steering wheel controls an automobile or a traffic cop controls traffic. The traffic cop does not make cars drive down the street, the steering wheel does not power the automobile, and genes do not cause cells to divide and multiply. Biology texts state that genes have only two functions: store information and duplicate it in the form of RNA. Genes control the direction of growth and maintain the continuity of life. All genes are combinations of 2 functionally equal base pairs called AT and CG. There are only 64 possible combinations known as the “Universal Genetic Code”. All genes produce amino acids, none of which control other genes. The very existence of oncogenes has never been proven. It’s just a theory totally lacking in a scientific basis.

Parasitic Larvae Cause Cancer
Reliable historic data shows that a cancer researcher initiated cancer in healthy laboratory animals by infecting them with parasitic larvae from a worm found in horses. He proved that parasitic larvae can cause cancer, and that cancer starts with an infection of them. Have you ever heard that someone was able to prove that parasites cause cancer? Can you name the researcher? Ask your doctor if this is true.

If you refer to, (1926) you will discover that a Dr. Fibiger of Denmark initiated cancer in the laboratory in 1913. Mainstream medicine is fully aware of his discovery because Fibiger received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this achievement. Why is this 80 year old cause of cancer research ignored and suppressed? Is there a cover-up in progress?

How do parasitic larvae cause cancer? Perhaps they didn’t know then, but we do know now. Read on.

Infection Plus Injury Causes Cancer
Oncologists advise: “At the first sign of abnormal bleeding, call your doctor.” The terms “benign growth, cyst, polyp and pre-cancerous lesion” describe a mass of abnormal and infected cells closely related to cancer when something triggers rapid growth. Physical injuries that do not heal, due to infection, also lead to cancer.

Healing of a cut finger, or lack of healing if the cut becomes infected, demonstrates the all-natural cause of cancer. Rapid doubling of cells to repair injuries is due to an increased energy field called the current-of-injury. The autonomic current-of-injury stays on until the injury is healed. If the injury is infected healing does not take place but cells continue to divide and multiply endlessly. These mutated cells are rejected like a skin graft that does not take and collect mainly in our storage vessels.

The current of injury that causes human cells to double rapidly also causes the pathogens inside the cells to double rapidly. Fungi and other infectious microbes have genes to produce growth factors for membrane cells, just as mushrooms, a fungi, produce the skin of a mushroom. Human and parasitic life-form cells simultaneously produce growth factors for membrane cells to repair the membrane. The resulting daughter cells end up with mutations in the cell wall. The new cells do not knit with original cells and fail to heal. The current-of-injury stays on. Infected cells and pathogens continue to divide, mutate, and multiply. Lack of knitting results in metastasis. That’s cancer explained with all-natural causes and existing data.

The reason why only membrane cells multiply is that pathogens have growth factors for membrane walls but none to differentiate cells into bones, muscle, fat or other body organs. Cancer does not occur often in muscle or fat tissue because there are very few membrane cells in muscle and fat tissue. We do not have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins because the oxygen level is too high for cancer cells. Cancer occurs in liquid storage vessels because the oxygen level is suitable for cancer cells and relatively thick membranes form the container walls. The frequency of our major cancers—lung, colon, breast, bladder, prostate, etc. — are directly proportional to the size of the vessel and the frequency of infection. Virus do not cause cancer directly. Virus cause growths, such as warts. Injuries trigger rapid growth.

Leukemia is a fungal infection of white blood cells, called leukocytes. Leukemia does not form tumors because leukocytes do not form membranes. Brain tumors initiate in membrane walls within the skull. Cancer consumes only those cells that require growth factors parasites don’t have.

The trigger that causes a pre-cancerous lesion to become malignant cancer growth is a break in the membrane wall. That’s why up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane cell traits. That’s why investigative surgery of a benign growth often triggers cancer.

Cancer occurs when the repair-of-injury mechanism is trapped in high gear multiplying infected membrane cells that fail to heal the intended injury. Rate of cancer growth is dependent upon the size of the injury, the vitality of the body, and the quantity of nutrients and other growth factors essential for DNA division and cellular growth. “Yeast Artificial Chromosome” from yeast infections such as Candida also increases the rate of cancer cell growth. Eliminating parasites eliminates the source of these essential growth factors.

Microbial DNA Polymerase Essential for Cancer
It is a scientific fact that DNA cannot replicate without growth factors called DNA polymerase. It follows that unrestrained growth we call cancer is dependent upon unrestrained production of DNA polymerase. The all-natural source is from fungi or other pathogens such as rapidly growing larvae that infect the injured cells or the surrounding tissue. Parasitic larvae cause cancer because they burrow into and consume membrane walls, infect adjacent cells, initiate the repair of injury process and supply DNA polymerase.

Amazingly, all known cancer cell traits and the cancer process can be explained by applying this theory. All of the so-called carcinogens, mutagens, virus, toxins, pollutants, nutritional deficiencies, stress, fatigue, lifestyle and hereditary factors that “predispose” one to defective genes more accurately “predispose” one to infection, inflammation, immune system deficiency, and membrane breakage. Cancer is an all-natural process. Microbial enzymes produced by normal microbial genes cause cell mutations. The theory cannot be challenged by any known cancer observation. Based on the scientific method, the cause of cancer has been proven. The peer review process to confirm that the cause of cancer has been proven is in the hands of those who are concerned with keeping this knowledge from the public.

Cancer has now reached epidemic proportions with over 6 million new cases per year. The cancer epidemic is the first epidemic in history in which mainstream medicine denies knowing the cause and does nothing to stop it. If left unchecked, illness and treating cancer victims will totally overload and bankrupt our medical system. That’s why our medical system is failing now. What can we do to stop it? What can you do to avoid cancer for yourself and loved ones?

How to Prevent and Cure Cancer

Armed with the knowledge that infections produce essential growth factors for cancer and that injuries initiate rapid doubling of cells, you no longer need to live in total fear of this disease. You cannot eliminate so-called inherited genetic defects, but you can eliminate the growth factors produced by parasites and you can support rapid healing of injuries to shut down the current of injury. Converting your body from acid conditions to alkaline conditions is the key to beating cancer.

For more information read my book, CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up (ISBN 0-9685665-0-2 -available at bookstores or by mail). We don’t need more genetic cancer research or a new drug to cure cancer. We need the freedom to use the cures we have now.

For a 40-page booklet ($3.00 —includes postage) explaining how to prevent and help cure cancer please fax your name and address to 1-800-656-7606 or 905-945-0404. Additional copies $2.00 each. To reach me for discussion or to arrange a speaking engagement, Email

The Role of Fungus in Cancer

In September 1999, Johns Hopkins medical researchers confirmed that virtually all chronic sinus infections were due to fungus. Not all findings are that solid. As a matter of fact, few are. Rather, scientists seem confused and startled at their own discoveries with regard to fungus. Fungus makes poisonous byproducts called mycotoxins. Antibiotics are one class of mycotoxins. Without this knowledge, however, many questions are raised when researchers stumble onto this seemingly elementary fact. Recently, researchers have discovered that antibiotics are contributing to everything from 2nd heart attacks to breast cancer. It is our hope that someday when discoveries like these are made, logic will supercede confusion.

The Role Of Fungus In Cancer - Doug A. Kaufmann

Thousands of research papers report the presence of yeast and fungus in cancer patients. The problem is that all refer to the development of fungal conditions after cancer treatment has begun. Researchers contend that cancer therapies, aimed at destroying cancer, also destroy the immune system of the patient. At this point, left without the immunity to fight disease-causing germs, yeast and fungus multiply rapidly and the patients often succumb to "secondary" fungal infections. Hence, according to cancer experts, much attention needs to focus on methods of controlling fungal proliferation while taking chemotherapy.

What if patients with cancer already had yeast and fungal infections that grew out of control when their immune systems were damaged by chemotherapy? What if a lump was found that was an ascomycete (sac fungus) that appeared to diagnosticians to be cancer? What if cancer wasn't cancer at all? I have pondered questions like these for over 25 years.

According to The Home Medical Encyclopedia, in 1963 about one-half of all Americans suffered from an "unrecognized" systemic fungal condition. My guess would be that far more Americans suffer from fungal infections today as antibiotics, hormone replacement therapies, and birth control pills continue to be consumed like candy. My point in bringing this to your attention is simple - doctors are not accurately diagnosing medical conditions. A case in point: A medical textbook used to educate Johns Hopkins medical students in 1957, Clinical and Immunologic Aspects of Fungous Diseases, declared that many fungal conditions look exactly like cancer! Whereas, we do not educate today's medical students on accurately detecting deeply imbedded fungal conditions and differentiating these from cancer, we certainly do teach them to diagnose cancer, and lots of it!

Years ago, I published the book, The Germ That Causes Cancer. I feel that cancer is one of the most maligned and misunderstood diseases of the past millennium. There is also reason to believe it is one of the most misdiagnosed maladies. When my research kept providing clues as to the real etiology (root cause) of cancer, a chapter in a book or a newsletter just didn't seem to suffice. The purpose of this article is neither to malign nor replace your health care provider's recommendations. Rather, it is to gently introduce you to a concept that is so incredible that it almost defies logic: deep tissue fungal growth may be commonly diagnosed as cancer.

The day I wrote this, a young lady phoned into my syndicated radio talk show. Her three-year-old daughter was diagnosed last year with leukemia. She believes antifungal drugs and natural immune system therapy has been responsible for saving her daughter's life. She is now telling others with cancer about her daughter's case. After hearing her story, a friend of hers with bone cancer asked her doctor for a prescriptive antifungal drug. To her delight, this medication, meant to eradicate fungus, was also eradicating her cancer. She dared not share this with her physician, telling him only that the antifungal medication was for a "yeast" infection. When she could no longer get the antifungal medication, the cancer immediately grew back. Her physician contended that a few antifungal pills surely should have cured her yeast infection. It is my contention, however, that the reason this medication worked was because she did have a yeast infection… not a vaginal infection for which this medication was prescribed, but a fungal infection of the bone that may have been mimicking bone cancer. These are well documented in scientific literature.

As you read these articles, you will see that many cancer patients find the true fungal link to their cancer only to succumb to heart disease or immune deficiency caused by traditional cancer treatment. If this case were an isolated event, it might be referred to as "coincidental." I have been able to plead with doctors of advanced cancer patients to at least try antifungal drugs for their patients. Afterwards, simply amazing reports have come forth. Several of these have been published in The Germ That Causes Cancer.

Unfortunately, many researchers and physicians do not share my passion. Getting a physician to prescribe simple antifungal drugs for a deadly disease is often impossible. The mentality seems to be, "if cancer were fungus, we'd have learned that in medical school." Couple this with what the medical industry refers to as "the standard of care", and real problems evolve. That "standard" rejects anything but chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer patients. Even if physicians wanted to try antifungal therapy for their patients, doing so would, perhaps, be perceived as being at odds with the "standard of care".

A few months ago, cancer specialists declared that 30 to 50 percent of breast cancers were linked to diet and were therefore preventable. Despite this revelation, diet is still not even remotely considered as one of the "standards of care" for cancer patients. This is intolerable. Hundreds of cancer survivors have documented their remarkable disease reversals which occurred while adhering to specific diets. Those diets seem to univerally be yeast and sugar free. And is it any wonder? You see, in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in science for his discovery that cancer cells rapidly proliferated in the presence of fermented sugar. (Ironically, so do fungal cells!)

Albert Einstein once state, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Certainly, I would never accuse our stethoscoped brethren of having mediocre minds; the contrary is quite true. As stated earlier, physicians are beholden to an industry in which the "standard of care" is their roadmap. Cancer failures point to a "standard" which can only be regarded as, at best, hit-and-miss, and at worse, an accomplice to such failures. With few exceptions, doctors are good, caring, intelligent individuals. Surely they will not indefinitely support decades-old therapy modalities that so frequently fail. Physicians must unite in an effort to learn why mediocrity prevails in medicine today. If a conspiracy exists against natural immune building therapies and dietary cancer control in favor of cytotoxic, (cell poisoning ), life-threatening "standards of care," physicians must expose such abominations without fear of retaliation. Physicians must take back their continuing medical education, (CME), which is most often created by drug companies who can arguably and quite naturally be biased. Moreover, the FDA must investigate whether this should be allowable at all. Shouldn't our healers and their watchdog organization be concerned about these clear conflicts of interest?

In truth, every organization who promotes a particular philosophy has bias. Bias isn't the problem. Instead, it's the monopoly of ideas in our health care system with which I take issue. Physicians have medicine as their tool. It's a valuable tool, and should be used when needed. Chiropractors and nurses and herbalists and nutritionists and naturopaths all have tools, as well. (So do mycologists!) But the tools of the latter practitioners are considered suspect, while the tools of the physicians, laden with side-effects, are considered the benchmark against which all other modalities are judged. Instead of relegating other treatments to the status of "alternative", why don't we give patients the opportunity to fully explore all possibilites, and choose any combination that is right for their situation?

This year, we published a Handbook that accompanies The Germ That Causes Cancer. It's a quick read, and may be easier to follow than the larger book. Use this information as a tool, not a replacement for their current cancer therapy. If someone you know is dealing with cancer, perhaps this Handbook will serve as a motivator and reminder that they do have options which are well-documented, and should, therefore not be considered suspect. Their physicians should be involved in all aspects of cancer therapy. Of course, their family and friends and places of worship will also be critical tools. Hopefully, we can be a source of support, as well. May our resources end up in the hands of that one special person who desperately needs this information!

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