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Feeding A Raw Diet - BARF

Feeding A Raw Diet

First, I am unable to assist in advising or balancing the BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw foods), due to the amount of time it takes to calculate a diet. Therefore I offer you the following information and food for thought. BARF is a philosophy of feeding, not set method which is why so many owners end up with problems. This is also why Dr. Billinghurst now makes their own commercially prepared raw diet so it is balanced and complete.

My website, nutrition lectures and articles speak to common sense and finding a middle ground in feeding our dogs. As a breeder, dealing mostly with other dog breeders with multiple animals, I have to approach my feeding program in a way that encourages people to make positive changes in their feeding programs and picking a program they are going to stick with over the long term.

Because of this, I do not push totally raw diets to giant breed owners but I do encourage them to use a raw balanced component to their daily diet. One that is commercially prepared so it is balanced in calcium/phosphorus and tested for pathogens. My personal preference is Diets products. Diets is a family owned USDA human grade meat plant - I saw the inspection info and it's very impressive - terrific quality! I love their nuggets and bars for easy thawing and the dogs love taste.

If one of my puppy buyers wants to feed a homemade diet I suggest using Honest Kitchen Preference Foundation formula, which is balanced in calcium and phosphorus. It is made up of 21% protein/12% fat and alfalfa, sweet potatoes, cabbage, celery, apples, spinach, organic kelp, coconut, bananas, zucchini, and honey. Then all you have to do is add your Diets balanced raw meat for a wonderful, tasty and balanced diet.

3 lb box dehydrated PREFERENCE + water = 15 lbs raw food and it also comes in a 10lb box.

To feed a totally homemade raw diet you need to have a very good background in nutrition to calculate appropriate amounts of calories and particularly of calcium/phosphorus intake or there will be DOD (developmental orthopedic diseases) or arthritis in the elderly animal. The attempt to feed totally raw without a solid "understanding" of the principles of nutrition can be disastrous in the long haul. Just because it is raw, does not mean it is balanced, and "balanced" is the key, particularly with the large/giant breeds prone to orthopedic problems.


For my comprehensive feed program for all breeds, using a top quality Holistic kibble with a raw whole food component - for the best of both worlds.

See the Blackwatch Balanced Raw Feed Program with more raw options, at this website.



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