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Champion Lore's Favorite Son
Danny is the epitome of the breed. His kind and gentle expression, his undying
dedication and great dignity makes him a true Apollo of Dogs.
Breeder: Lorraine Matherly -


Welcome to, an educational website for care and feeding of all dogs regardless of age, size or breed.  Over these past 15 years has become an award winning website and it is very popular in the USA, Canada and overseas. Now I feel the time has come to expand the website to incorporate other significant contributors in the field of pet nutrition, behavior and training. After much consideration I am honored to bring on board Giulio Ferrari, animal nutritionist, and Amber and Seth Corduan, who will be contributing authors and consultants on behavior, training, and nutrition.

We will provide a venue for you and your veterinarian to help enrich your pet's journey toward wellness and longevity. This combination of expertise sets apart from all other " information gathering" websites, because the information shared at this site is based in certified education, research and years of firsthand experience in breeding, feeding, showing, training and performance. 

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Blackwatch Feed Program -all ages, sizes, breeds - to maintain wellness

Blackwatch Feed Programs for Puppies

Blackwatch Feed Programs for Health Problems or Special Needs

(ex: diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, HOD, yeast infection, allergies, bowing/knuckling, wobblers, feeding pregnant bitches, feeding performance dogs, IBS, IBD etc)

International Pet Food Information for Overseas

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Products designed and those recommended by the Great Dane Lady are available through and they ship priority mail
USA and Internationally.



For a personal phone consultation with the Great Dane Lady or other nutritional and behavior/traininc consultants, call to schedule an appointment.
1- 765-284-8288 or email:

The GreatDaneLady's Favorite Things For Your Dogs

Welcome to

Welcome to my educational website for all breeds, sizes and ages. Thank you for making this one of the most popular pet care websites on the internet. This website is a private website created for our puppy buyers. The information is relative to all breeds and it is one of the most comprehensive website for large and giant breed information in the web. It is my hope our puppy buyers/owners will find this information interesting and useful.

It is based in 40 years of personal nutritional research, feed trials, working in the pet food industry, developing holistic pet foods and supplements and raising, training and showingGreat Danes, Borzoi and Pugs. Over the years I have developed the
Philosophy of Wellness, which is the basis for all of my feed programs.

To date, there are
50 different BLACKWATCH FEEDING PROGRAMS, some are for general good health, while other are to support dogs with serious health problems. These feed programs are used by top breeders here and abroad in all breeds, sizes and ages.

CORE 4 concept not only has provided life long wellness for our dogs, but extended their longevity. It is a concept that applies to humans as well, the CORE 4 nutrients are needed at very core of our every day life for good health and well-being. I know from my own experience and those who use this program that it has keep our pets healthy and living longer. When I started in the breed a 6 year old Great Dane in the USA was a very old dog. Now with the advent of better foods and my philosophy of feeding it is not at all unusual to see Great Danes live to be 11, 12 or older. And they are still able to get up and function on their own. My last two elderly Danes were 12+ something that was unhead of in the old days and they did not die of disease, but natural causes. In other words I had to make the decision that their quality of life was over due to their elderly condition. I can honestly say, in the past 25 years I have not lost a dog to any disease or cancer, only to plan ole old age.

Thank you and enjoy!
Linda Arndt - The Great Dane Lady (plus a Collie, Sheltie, Pickles the Pug and some cats.

Information found at this site is not to be used in lieu of a veterinarians advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are interested in something you read discuss it with your veterinarian. This website is meant to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only."

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Savanah Before & After - Systemic Yeast Infection

Blackwatch Feed Program for Systemic Yeast Removal

Cammie's Story

What breed is this? The Central Indiana Sheltie Rescue was not sure that Cammie was a Sheltie because she was in such bad shape. If you think quality nutrition can't make a life changing difference in your pet, Cammie is proof that nutrition is everything!! Thank you to the Scott family for sharing her dramatic photos after being on the Blackwatch Feed Program.

Cammie months later with her rescue family - Cammie upper left looking pretty!


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This award is called A COMPANY OF CONSCIENCE AWARD and it will be awarded to quality pet related companies that are family or independently owned and who are passionate about the health and welfare of our pets. Their philosophy embodies "doing the right thing" first and are not driven by financial gain at the expense of our pet's health and welfare. These companies also in some way give back to their community and have a social conscience. Congratulations to the recipients of this award - watch for it on the websites you visit.




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