Linda Arndt ~ Canine Nutritional Consultant

Family Album

Ch. Lore's Bravado Of Blackwatch ~ "Bear"

"Maggie" - Blackwatch Lark V. Owlwatch

Nobless Oblige


Blackwatch Tamiana
V. Owlwatch


Willowrun's Zip Buddy Do Dah

Grandma "Liza"
Great Granddaughter, "Lore"
& Grandson, "Ch. Bear"


Ch.Ariels' Lira Black N Owlwatch

Owned: Linda Arndt, Phil and Jane Gray and Breeder Angelia Rielly

Left: One of our puppies, "Owlwatch Summer in Sweden" - "Glenn" - 8 months
Phil and Jane Gray & Linda Arndt, Angelia Riley
Owner: Karl Henrik-Nanning (Sweden). Right: Rafe, Tary and Pickles the Pug

For information on SW Ch. Owlwatch Summer in Sweden's daughter
Click on Windy

Two retirees lounging in the sun - Zoomie - 4 months (Collie) from Glasgowhills Kennels

Left - Confetti, my first sheltie was a big boy at 45 lbs, not your normal size sheltie, but because of him, I fell in love with the breed. When he died at 14 years old, I decided to get a Collie. Above is my wonderful Collie -"Zoom", from Glasgowhill Collies in Canada. What a wonderful creature Zoom is, and Sandi Hamilton is a remarkable breeder and I am honored to have one of her dogs.

Right is our precious new sheltie "Joey" photo at 4 weeks of age. We decided to get Zoom a buddy to play, with since the Danes were getting up in age, so we went to Belmark Shelties - Bella Thompson and at 12 weeks of age brought "Joey" aka Buzzzz, home to Indiana. What a darling boy he is, and smart smart smart - he love Zoomie too, thinks he is just a darned big sheltie! Again I am honored to have dogs from remarkable kennels - both of which respect very much.

Joey says......"YEEKS that's a big sheltie!"

Joey 1 year - Zoomie 3 years - best friends

Joey at 1 year of age


Charasmatic's Creme De La Creme - 6 months

Charasmatic's Fancy Pants - 4 months



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