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Which Precise Product Do I Use?

Precise Wins Top Industry Award for 2010

The 'Pet Business' Magazine Award for 2010 for Best Pet Food Catagory was awarded to Precise Holistic Select line up launched at Super Zoo in Las Vegas in 2010 - Since I played a major roll in the design of the PHC large breed puppy, adult and senior formulas, I am very proud of this award! 'Pet Business’ Industry Recognition Awards program highlights the pet specialty industry’s most innovative and functional products across a variety of pet care categories.

Video The Precise Company Philosophy

The Precise Holistic Complete formulas are:

Large/Giant Breed Puppy - 23% protein/12% fat
Large/Giant Breed Adult - 25% protein 15% fat
(multiple proteins)
Senior - 25% protein 10% fat
(multiple proteins)
Wild At Heart River Line Salmon- 24% - 15%
(single protein source)
Wild at Heart Flight Line Duck &Turkey - 24% protein - 15%
(multiple proteins)

All these foods support large/giant breeds with appropriate calcium levels.
Let your local retailer know so they can get them ordered for you from their distributor. Check them out at the new website:

Here are my comments in an interview at Super Zoo Pet Trade Show.

Part 1 Interview with the Great Dane Lady

Part 2 Interview with the Great Dane lady

Part 3 Interview with the VP of Precise.

To locate a distributor in the USA and Canada - go to


For overseas international sales:

Asia & Central/South America -
Europe -

Precept Plus is the conterpart to Precise/Precise Plus as it is called in the USA, and ANF foods are also available. These are manufactured at Texas Farms manufacturing plant and these foods are sold in the Asian and South American markets. For European customers, these foods are made in the UK for European customers.


Precise & Precise Plus Pet foods are owned by Texas Farms, a multi-generational family owned company. Their manufacturing plants are USDA inspected and have recieved the AIB International GMP Certified Superior Rating, plus a 100% saftey rating.

For more information: Manufacturing Saftey.

About Precise Pet Foods

  • Multi-Generation Family Owned Company - not owned by an investent company or large conglmoerate.
  • Family Owned Manufacturing Plant
  • Plant is USDA/AIB Certified Excellent
  • Excellent Safety Record - (no food recalls)
  • Human Grade Ingredients from USA
  • Consistent Sources of Ingredients
  • Control of Product from start – distribution
  • Quality Control Analysis on each batch
  • Optimal Nutrition from whole foods
  • Ingredients from all food five groups
  • Real Meat Proteins
  • Multiple Protein based diets
  • Whole Ground Grains
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Balanced Omegas – DHA/EPA
  • Broad Spectrum of Antioxidants (Fruits/Vegetables)
  • Botanicals/Herbs
  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics - Beneficial “yogurt –like” microrganisms for Healthy Digestion
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Bioavailable Macro Minerals - ex: calcium, phosphorus, magneseum etc.
  • Trace Minerals/Kelp
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Added Taurine/Carnitine - large/giant formulas
  • Tomatoes/Cranberries for Urinary Tract Support
  • Unsurpassed quality and customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Vitamin K has been removed
  • Selenium sources are now organic, not synthetic
  • Superior new probiotic on Precise Holistic Complete line

More Precise Products - there is no soy, wheat or corn in their product line. All naturally preserved and with all human grade ingredients. Precise is a family owned company with their own manufacturing plants which means Precise has total control of the product line from ingredient sources, lab testing and the manufacturing process. This includes testing after manufacturing before going to distribution.

Pet Product News states that Precise's manufacturing plant (Texas Farms) has 100% safety record on the plant since it's beginning. Precise has a new visionary CEO working on distribution first, which has been challenging in the past, and I have made recommendations in the line up of foods for the future.

To find distrubution in your area call them directly:

Precise and Precise Plus Pet Food Products (USA).

Precept Plus and ANF line of pet products (OVERSEAS).

If you are unable to find a distributor near you for Precise and Precise Plus, based on the links above, contact - 800-743-5124.

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