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SeaVive® - It's Many Remarkable Uses

Introduction: Perhaps you have read about a supplement called SeaVive® in Whole Dog Journal over the past year or so. Recently, I have had the opportunity to talk to several pet owners that have used this product for their pets after going through surgery, the systemic yeast removal detox process and for IBD digestive issues, and the reports are terrific. Here is more information and a source to purchase it. I am pleased to introduce you to SeaVive®.

Some Examples of Use:

Detoxification During Yeast Removal Boosting Immune Function
Allergies IBD and IBS
Digestive Issues Malabsorption Issues
Giardia Coccidia
Parasites Malnutrition
Rescue & Repair Lactating Bitches
Fading Puppy Syndrome Wound Healing - Topically
Repair After Surgery Wound Healing - Internally
HOD (when off feed) Nourishment Post Surgery
Renal Failure  

SeaVire® is a 100% natural, pre-digested fish protein concentrate combined with Colostrum 80/40 which is critical for good immune function. This combination is the only product on the market like it in the world. It is now available in the nutraceutical industry today. SeaVive® naturally contains a total of 18 amino acids including the 11 essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the dog/cat's body and must be supplied to the body in their daily diet. But when a system is compromised due to disease or a debilitating condition SeaVive is the ideal supplement because of the benefits of a quickly absorbed and fully assimilated protein source- one of which is fast repair and recovery from illness, surgery, and wound healing.

Because SeaVive® is already pre-digested it is 100% usable by the body, and it does not require effort on the part of the dog's digestive system to process the protein. This makes it readily available for nourishment, boosting immune function and accelerated healing. This product is perfect for fading puppy syndrome, the systemic yeast removal detoxification process, dog's whose systems are depleted from IBD, IBS, Coccidia and Giardia. It is a terrific supplement for dog's with allergies due to it's immune boosting properties and an answer to nourishment for the stages of early renal failure because it's a protein the body does not have to process, so it is usable and not hard on the compromised kidneys.

During the manufacturing process of SeaVive they employ a proprietary technology that permits them to, naturally, breakdown the fresh raw material, Pacific Whiting (a member of the Cod family) making SeaVive
almost 100% absorbable and assimilated by the body.

Due to this technological process, the body does not have to further digest SeaVive® which makes it very easy on the body, permitting the naturally occurring minerals, nutrients, amino acids and peptides of the fish to be utilized immediately assisting the body with the natural healing process.

I feel SeaVive is an important companion supplement to many of the Blackwatch Feed Programs for illness, repair and disease and certain conditions that need a high plain of nutrition for repair.

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