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Blackwatch Feed Program for Giardia Problems in Dogs

INTRODUCTION: What Is Giardia?

Giardia, besides being one of the top health issues pet owners face, is a water-borne protozoa that lives in the digestive track of humans and pets. It is a parasite that lives in the lower bowels and it runs in cycles, so it normally goes undetected unless you get it at the cyst cycle when the test is being done. It also has to be a stool that is fresh/hot taken from the dog with a loop tool. You can not just pick up a stool from the yard and expect to find Giardia.

The best indication that your dog has Giardia is the reoccurring problem of diarrhea, intermittent loose stools, possible weight loss and sensitive digestion, gas, all of these in comination or just one. This can also involve stool eating and excessive grass eating.

Generally, Flagyll, Metronidazole are used to treat Giardia, but it just returns once these drugs are stopped. I have found the best way to tackle this problem is to use Panacur wormer for 7 days (based on the dogs weight) and repeat it again in 2 weeks. (updated info: 2/2/2011)
Note: Dogs with the MDR1 mutation gene Collies, Shelties, Aussies, etc. with the merle gene should not be given Metronidazole or Flagyl.

Flagyll and Metronidazole are only 40% effective any more and are usually a waste of time and money in Giardia situations.


Panacur like wormers or antibiotics, strips the gut of all good and bad bacteria as well, leaving the digestive track open to more digestive problems and health issues such as Leaky Gut, Toxic Gut and systemic yeast infections. That is why it is critical to use a good probiotic at the same time as treatment. Double dose your probitoics when on medicine or antibiotics, and once a day after that as maintenance.

First, take time to read my Article on Giardia to be better informed about this parasite. I will say this, once you have Giardia, it seems to rear it's ugly head on occasion, so keep that in mind and remember Probiotics, Blackleaf and MSM are critical to keeping a healthy Giardia free gut and these come in a kit format - Giardia Support Kit#23.

For maintanence after the Giardia Kit is finished, you can move the dog to CORE 4 Kit #40 to help prevent flairups of giardia and yeas

This feed program will help to restore a health gut with a high powered micro-encapsulated probiotic, MSM among other support supplements. If your vet will not provide Panacur wormer, you can purchase it on line, but make sure, absolutely sure you have the correct dosage for your dog. See info in Article on Giardia for information on where to purchase, who to call and dosages.

The Basics Program - All Breeds

This program is a comprehensive and consists of 6 major components and this is it in summary form. You can purchase these in a kit at a discount:
Giardia Kit #23
(Instructions come with this kit, do not worm until you have the Probiotics there to start at the same time.)

1. Dog Food - Natural/Holistic Super Premium - kibble and canned
2.PROBIOTICS - beneficial bacteria - Digestive enzymes to reestablished the gut flora
3. MSM- Nutritional Sulfur -giardia does not like to live where MSM is present
4. Nzymes - Dietary enzymes - missing in all commercial foods - antioxidants
5. Blackleaf - anti-parasitic - kills giarda
6.Spark of Life - micro minerals needed but lost with loose stools
7. Ox-E-Drops - anti-virial, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal liquid drops
Variety Options - canned meats, fruits/veggies, dehydrated raw options

Where To Purchase Products

1. DOG FOOD - Precise and Precise Plus or Nutri Source/PureVita Holistic Dog Foods. Both companies now have Grain Free foods available.

These below come in the Giardia Kit or you can purchase separately. The kit provides a discount.

2. BACPAK PLUS & DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes.

3. MSM- Nutritional Sulfur - Patent research shows Giardia protozoa does not like to live in the presence of a system that has adequate amounts of MSM present.

4. NZYMES - dietary enzymes - in chewable Pet Treat or Granular (goes further)

5. BLACKLEAF- antibacterial, antiviral, antifungus, AND kills parasites -

6. Spark of Life - critcal microminerals necessary for wellness are lost when your pet has chronic loose stools. Microminerals run the bodies metabolic system.

7. Ox-EDrops - an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Helps to keep the pH balance in the gut within the normal rage.

OPTIONAL: VARIETY ADD - fruits & veggies & Precise or a holistic canned meats For a safe, balanced raw option use Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw - info below.

Joint Support Supplement: Liquid Health Level 5000 is what I recommend and use.

Options: For Variety - Meats - Fruits - Vegetable

I use a Precise canned dog foods* for variety ( chicken, lamb, duck, fish, puppy). I mix a couple of tablespoons of canned meat with tepid temperature water and make a gravy. OR

I top dress with one of the HONEST KITCHEN - an organic dehydrated raw meat /fruit/veggie mixes. I use about 10-15% of this in combination with my kibble.

*Do NOT use grocery store brand of canned food they are full of preservatives and 4D meats (dead, diseased dying and disabled) and they give the dogs stinky gas and are full of unhealthy fillers. NO homemade concoctions of meat/rice combinations that you make up at home, they are very unbalanced in their calcium and phosphorus levels and can cause growth problems.

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw dog food is what I use to provide a raw component to my dogs kibble. It is balanced in calcium and phosphorus ratios which are very important in growing and elderly dogs!

I use the EMBARK or any of the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated foods will work.

One- 4 lb bag will make up to 17 lbs of moist meat/fruits and veggies and if used to top dress your kibble you can see it goes a long way. The Honest Kitchen dog food and Eagle Pet Foods are endorsed by the Whole Dog Journal.

To order call 1-765-284-8288- or online go to

IF you want to do your own fruits and veggies here are some suggestions

FRUITS &VEGETABLE: This is a list of recommended foods to use in moderation:

yogurt, buttermilk berries melons, apples, banana, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, oranges, squash, sweet potato, green beans, zucchini - minced/diced/raw/cooked - they love frozen berries and melon balls!! Pulverized fresh veggies are best for digestion. NO raw onions, grapes or raisins, macadamia nuts


Linda's Very Veggie Soup - 2 large cans of chicken or beef broth - (low sodium for heart or elderly dogs- or homemade). Add LOTS of veggies - carrots, green beans, wax beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and couple cloves of garlic. The idea is to use this as the filler so you want it to be hearty and filling.

Don't forget to worm with Panacur again in 10 days, see info above. You can continue to keep them on these supplements during the second worming and thereafter until they run out. Then you can move them over to one of the CORE 4 Kits which are life long programs for wellness.

Start the Probiotics (BakPacPlus or Probio Pac) right away, when you start the womer. Then the next day start the MSM AM and PM. Three days later start with the Spark of LIfe - 2 days later give the Tincture of Blackleaf. Lastly you can start the Nzymes but do not double dose like the label says. It is always important ti introduce supplements at least 2-3 days apart.

WATER ON KIBBLE - 1/4 - 1/2 cup water + 3-4 tablespoons canned meat. You want the food moist but not floating and sloppy (this is for large/giant breeds, reduce amount for smaller breeds accordingly).

Do not microwave, soak or use hot or very warm water on your kibble. It will destroy the integrity of the friendly yogurt type cultures and the fragile vitamins/minerals and amino acids on the food.

Water On Food:
Commercial foods need to be fed with moisture so dogs don't over consume water after a meal, and so the kibble does not pull moisture from the dogs system in order to break down properly. Use
"tepid" temperature water never hot or warm and never soak your food as it breaks down and destroys nutrients. Mix up and feed immediately. Adjust accordingly for puppies. If they have loose stools, you may be using too much meat or water than necessary. Adjust that before you panic and think they are sick.

Drinking Water:
It is very important to
NEVER withhold water from your dog. This can lead to over consumption and bladder infections. Use common sense, do not let them drink excessively after exercise or dinner. Like a horse, let them cool down and then drink. I have found if I have water available in several places, they never overdo it since they know it is available to them when they need it. That way they drink less amounts of water, but more frequently.

Withholding water for fear of bloat is a myth. Stress is the cause and bloat/torsion is the response. It is much more complicated that simply saying water is the cause of bloat.

(See my article on Bloat and Torsion for details) (See On My Soapbox)


Read this article as a possible option : Seasonal Diarrhea.






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